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Good Sunday to my QVC family......I wanted to give an update to all that has happened since that day in Auguat that seemed to change so much.   I was the lady scheduled to have my meatl knee replacement removed because of meatal allergy then 6 days prior getting the cancer diagnosis.     So I had the lumpectomy...Them the PET scan revealed there was still lymph nodes with cancer.  So this past Thursday almost 30 lymph nodes were removed !   Now I wait for yet another biopsy report.  Genetics testing were in my favor I did not have any related cancer Brac3/ potential colo, pancreatic, melanoma and other DNA mutations.

I have my 98 year old mom here living with us...and it really makes everything just so much more difficult.  We don't have the money for nursing home...As I mentioned before federal programs are giving some assistance and I am grateful for that.   So I take it a day at a time.  Pray for my daugher. I may also have mentioned her "man(not) " of 10 years decided he wanted to end the relationship as they have spent the last 3 years building their home.  My 12 year old grandson is the one I cry for.   I guess in this loving home we are praying and crying....and all for each other.  

I pray for all who will be all be blessings.....Love is all we need..  Thank you all agaiin   Maria Domenica1

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@mariadomenica Oh gosh. I am so sorry for all you are going through.  You are a very strong woman.  I will be lifting you and your precious family up in prayer!  You got this!


May God Bless and keep you and yours!!


Ps:  Hug your sweet daughter and Mommy from Me!  

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Re: Cancer Diagnosis

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Oh my goodness @mariadomenica  you have so much going on. Please take care of you and we will pray for your family. May God's healing hand give you complete restoration and I'll be praying for your daughter, grandson and your mom. Seems like too much landed on your plate, but one day at a time. ❤️🙏🏻

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Dear Maria,

Your plate is full, yet you ask for prayer for others.  I will pray that your reports come back benign and that you will be strengthened to deal with all that is going on in your household.


You say that you have a loving home. That is a blessing that many don't have.  It is that loving support and your faith that will see you through your struggles. 


Take care~

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@mariadomenica you are going through A LOT! Im glad you shared so that those who pray can send up prayers for you. 


Your daughter will be ok. Perhaps its best shhe will no longer have to deal with a loveless relationship. 


So what happens to your knee next? 



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Re: Cancer Diagnosis

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I am sorry to hear about your personal and family struggles.  You sound like a very strong loving individual.


I wish for you many blessings to come your way in every facet of your life and those around you.


We all are hoping your health improves greatly in time and with proper treatment. Heart


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That's so much to be going through.

I'm so sorry.

Sending you a hug.Heart

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Your story really touched me. And when I saw your name I had to reply. My husband's Mother's name was the same as yours. She was a wonderful woman of a great deal of faith. My husband and I say a dinner prayer every night. We will keep you in that prayer every evening. Hoping things in your life become more manageable and your family and close friends reach out to be there for you. 

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a cross, teapot and book with the words praying for you and your family
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@mariadomenica , prayers for you, and your family. Sending light, and hope. May the days ahead be filled with blessings.