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@Vickiv oh my gosh, Im laughing so hard right now. You are soo funny. lol 

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@Isobel Archerwrote:

How about - Oh my gosh, contact paper!!  How did you know?  I've been wanting this forever, but wouldn't have thought to buy it for myself.  Thank you sooooo much!!!!!

This would be me!  Woman LOL

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Just to clarify what I meant when I said I appreciate art. I only said that to show how there was no o intrinsic beauty in those objects nor would they be useful in any capacity.  


I love to give gifts. I try to please the recipient and if I cannot find anything suitable, they get a gift card.  


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After reading all these replies I still say it is DH's issue and he should man up and deal w/it or he too afraid of his Mommy to speak up?

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@Group 5 minus 1  I wouldn't bring DH into the middle of this, it isn't fair, he loves them both. He is probably embarrassed by his mother.


It isn't THAT big of a deal, to bring DH in --- better to use her own coping skills --- she is grown and can handle it, once she accesses her "inner diva" --- the OP is sweet but looking for love in all the wrong places Heart

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No! I stand by what I say. 

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Donate the gifts to Goodwill somebody might like. People do give gifts without thought.

My family members, and close friends, give gift cards, they know I am very picky. I am I am very verbal on what I like and dislike. I give gift cards to people on stores they frequent..With my son's, my daughter-in-law,brother and sister I give gifts of thought,meaning I know their taste.


When I received gifts from those ( not family) with no clue,I thank them.It does not brother me. I have received costume jewelry, to to which I cannot wear due to my allergies.These items  are donate to Goodwill.

My advise tell your mother in law it's not your style or keep taking gifts and move on.Bad gifts is not a problem,only if you make it one

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I guess DH doesn't love his wife enuff to deal w/this issue.

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Re: Can i have some advice?

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Well I can top all your gifts. I’m 76 years old and for Christmas a relative gave me a gift card to Victoria’s Secret.  I would call that a little thoughtless!!  I was upset about it and said thank you and gave it away. 

Maybe the giver thought you might like the shower gels, lotions & perfumes VS carries? I get your point on the place though.


On the others advice on getting hubby to intervene, I think so unless he's getting used or regifts, too. If he's not, the MIL is just being mean. Mine was, I should know. Smiley Happy

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Say thanks.

After they leave throw in the trash, regift, or donate.