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It's such a warm feeling knowing there are people like all of you who were touched by that caller and responded in such a kind manner.  THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR KIND WORDS.  My wish is that the caller sees some of your responses and it can help her in some way.

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Which item were they taling about? I would like to hear that call. Thanks.

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That was definately a heart breaking call.  She started out in control, but lost it emotionally when saying what the show meant to her in her loneliness since losing her husband in July.  It was decent of Jane & Valerie to let her speak & empathize with her.

Too bad she couldn't have been told about the QVC's "Widow's" chat line on blogs here.

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Everything lately makes me cry.



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        I heard that call and also teared up!!  She had such a tone of sadness in her voice.  Thank you to Valerie and Jane for handling this call with such kindness!!

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Re: Caller Made me Cry

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@Bibione, It was during the gingerbread house presentation (H220249) but when I checked the Q site the video has been changed on the item listing.  


You can see the video on Jane's Facebook account at this link.  It looks like the call starts not long after the 53:00 mark.  


Thanks for this special thread, @lmtep and everyone who posted.❤️


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Thanks. It is painful to lose a loved one. 

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Such a sweet lady, Pam. Thinking of her. Glad that Valerie's gingerbread house

will bring good memories to her of her husband and her granddaughter.

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@lmtep wrote:

I know that most posters don't like the callers, but I found myself tearing up when that woman called in during Valerie's show just now.  She was married 52 years and just lost her hubby in July.  Call started out fine but she broke down partway through and it just choked me up.  She sounded so sad.  Oh my.  Made me want to find her and just give her a big hug.

I saw that too @lmtep. Glad you posted. I saw the facebook posts too. We cried with her.😢