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I'm not a crafter, but was scrolling thru and saw that Donna Dewberry was presenting her 1 stroke paint kits. My sister and I were just talking about her last night as she was on QVC many years ago on their craft shows and then they pretty much stopped with the crafting shows. Good to see her again.

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@Kachina624    Have you checked at the Dollar Tree? They now have  Hallmark Expressions Cards. Such a huge savings!  Cards at even Walmart now have gotten expensive unless you guy the 94 cent ones.

@CherryHugs   No, I havent but it might be worth a trip.  Thanks for the helpful hint.

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I wish HSN would show more products besides scrapbooking and card making.

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I've been making my own cards for years.  Can't remember when I last sent a store-bought card.  Beside my sister and her husband, I have 9 nieces and nephews, 8 of which have spouses.  And I have 20 grand-nieces and nephews.  I make birthday cards for everyone. I only makes cards for the grands for other holidays.  And, of course, I make all my Christmas cards.  It's a hobby for me and I enjoy every minute of it.


Not sure what I would do without HSN and their craft days!!!!!!!



Wonderful! I bet they're beautiful! Smiley Happy