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@Calcgirl You did the right thing by not getting involved.  Sounds like 8th grade drama to me.

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I would have done the same thing u did.i would never want to be in the middle of any break up.if friends snubbed u,they weren't your friends to begin with.

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You did the right thing; I've been put in positions like this before and I always said I'm staying out of it...not my business.  As for your other 'friends'....maybe it's time meet new friends😂

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You absolutely did the right thing! It was her choice not to move near him, so if he found someone else I say, "good for him". It sounded like a pretty shallow relationship to me and it was inconsiderate of her to even ask you to get involved.

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@Calcgirl .............You did the right thing.  Its just plain silly for a 60 something year old woman to act as she did.  What difference does it make why he broke up with her?  Its a done deal.  She needs to calm down and you might want to think about continuing a friendship with her.

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@Imaoldhippie  ITA!   My thoughts exactly were, what is this high school?   Long distance relationships hardly ever work so it was probably doomed when he moved away.  I would not get involved in it either, who needs someone else's baggage, we all have enough of our own issues going on in life.  If others snubbed you because of it, then it's time to move on.

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@Calcgirl - Imo you absolutely did the right thing. No need to get involved in anyone else's business.


And, if there are other close friends, why did she not ask one of them to do the dirty work?


This all sounds very high schoolish to me.

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@Calcgirl wrote:

He is younger than her by  a few years.  He will be 61 this year. She is about 67 I believe, but she does not look her age. She is Asian and very pretty with a figure of a 20 year old.  I suspect it is the distance that became the issue, their relationship was definately based on a "physical nature"as she put it, lol. Since she was unwilling to move to the other state (although he had asked her to), he probably found someone else to be physical with.Smiley Happy.

@Calcgirl  He asked her to move with him and she declined, sounds to me she made the decision. You are absolutely right in handeling it the way you did. 

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@Calcgirl   When someone does this, storming out and pulls the card about do thisd for me or else....How true a friendare they really? I think you did the right thing staying clear of the situation and letting her get the facts. 


If she comes crawling,back, I'd assess how much of a friend is she.

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@SXMGirl wrote:

@Calcgirl You did the right thing by not getting involved.  Sounds like 8th grade drama to me.

My thoughts too.  Sounds like something school girls would do.