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Possum, that is Miss Blackie for sure. Felt so bad late yesterday - looked across the street into the yard of the house that has been empty 10 years plus and there was a little possum. Have no clue what happened to it - possibly neighborhood roaming cats but nothing I can do for it. Hardly see them any more.


This morning went out to feed Ditty - he was asleep on top of my dryer but dutifully followed me out back for his breakfast - favorite time of the day for him as I add some wet cat food to his dry mix for breakfast. He stays there until ALL his wet food is gone and some of the dry mix. Yesterday he was laying in the front yard with Bear, one of Don's cats who thinks this is his vacation home. Both seem to have been quite comfy with the other one nearby. Geesh!


Hope all have a great day - birds were abundant yesterday - Hummers were flitting about off and on all day. While their visibility has increased still miss the volumes we use to have here. Have not see a Blue Jay at all this summer. Strange. Also wish some Mockingbirds would come back.


Have a great day everyone! Our heat is extending up into next week. Horrible news.

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@Winifred  Freddie I'm glad you made it through the procedure.  My Ma and Dad had oxygen concentrators at home.  The portable oxygen concentrators came along when my Ma and Dad's COPD was too severe to benefit from them.  Ma and Dad had smaller O2 tanks set on intermittent which if I recall correctly released the O2 when they inhaled.  Since Ma didn't know how to drive, her kids helped with the little tanks - for the life of me she had some kind of little carrier and I can't picture it right now.


We also had full sized tanks and one caddy that looked like this in case power went out.  I swear to you, for Ma alone we looked like a DME supplier, but that was okay, better to be prepared.



Bernie,   That looks like one of the tank caddies my brother has.  He has the big oxygen concentrator too, plus a small sling sized bottle carrier that he can take in the car with him.   I've seen the ads on TV for the small thingys' that can be carried with ease when people want to go to the store or out for a few hours.  I guess they are a type of 'rebreather' or concentrator too.   I know as a diver, there are rebreathers but they are cumbersome and of course for underwater,  I know they can make rebreahters to take and recycle the air.   Wonder why there's such a big deal about giving these items to people who need them like Winifred.  It's ridiculous that there's even a question about giving it to people. 

My husband had an oxygen concentrator for years.  When he first needed one, there were no restrictions.  You could purchase one outright with no prescription.  You needed a prescription for insurance to cover one, though. Also, any oxygen supply company would do the necessary service maintenance on them for us.


Now, you need a prescription to even purchase one, let alone if you want your insurance to cover it.  And none of the supply companies in my area service the machines themselves anymore.  They all send them out.


I, too, wonder what the big deal is about.  I resent the control.

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This is so cute!  I remember when I hand to do this to save some kittens after ther mommy died.

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Bird's Nest for August is up

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