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Re: Avoiding colds & flu in the winter - How?

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Stay home as much as possible.  Use Lysol Disinfectant Spray in your house.  Stay away from small kids as much as possible.  Always use the sani wipes at the grocery not only on hands but on the cart handle as well.  Wear a mask when out in public.  Dont touch your face with your hands while out in public after touching stuff.  Use hand sanitizer on your hands after handling stuff in stores before you touch your steering wheel, wipe off car keys with hand wipes.  At home after putting purchases away, wash hands again.  


These hints are what I do now to help me stay flu and cold free.  I do these all year around, except I dont wear the mask in the summer.  In the winter I double up on Vitamin C.


I now get the flu and pneumonia shots due to having had a serious lung infection 2 yrs ago.

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Re: Avoiding colds & flu in the winter - How?

1 - don't kiss school age kids - classrooms spread germs and gunk (avoid grandchildren)   LOL

2 - don't visit sick friends and relatives - send a Get Well card

3 - wash hands immediately after getting home from shopping. (that handlebar on the grocery cart is covered with bad stuff)

4 - and.....don't touch your face when out shopping - germs survive several hours on doorknobs and other public places

Garlic is good - keeps your friends/relatives at arms length!

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Re: Avoiding colds & flu in the winter - How?

This is the phone I'll share with others on my new job.

It's got "G-E-R-M-S" written all over it (figuratively speaking).

I wish I could get some type of compatible headset so I wouldn't have to touch the handset.


Image result for vtech phone

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Re: Avoiding colds & flu in the winter - How?

I very rarely get sick with a cold or the flu. I have never had a flu shot. In fact my sisters and brother never were sick much growing up either and the same to this day. None of us are germaphobes or take any extra precautions besides the usual. I guess it's all in the genes with us.

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Re: Avoiding colds & flu in the winter - How?

I work at a college with about 8,000 students.  I also visit the college fitness center every lunch hour, and 3 days a week I spend 2 hours after work at a private fitness center. can see I'm surrounded by germs.  Luckily I don't have to share a phone at home or at work, and my work station is somewhat separated.


I wash my hands a lot, and  I do eat my vegies and take supplements (garlic caps twice a day are great).  I also get a flu shot every year (they give them free at work).  I have weak lungs (prone to bronchitis), so I have to be extra careful, even not to get a cold.  I have a rule to keep my hands off my face unless I've just washed them.  The only time I've been sick in the last several years was one year ago when I went to my 50th class reunion.  I caught something there that gave me bronchitis and a trip to the doc......took about 6 weeks to get back to normal!  Cat Tongue

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Re: Avoiding colds & flu in the winter - How?

I take a probiotic daily and haven't caught a cold in a long time. Instead of fresh garlic you might want to try taking Garlinase. I think it's equal to 4 cloves of garlic.

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Re: Avoiding colds & flu in the winter - How?

You are lucky 

if you get a bout of flu you might change your mind on the shots 


last flu took me 2 months before I was back to normal and I am a healthy person 


as soon as the vaccine is out we get them 

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Re: Avoiding colds & flu in the winter - How?

Something else I thought of....I retired from an elementary school...during my working years I got the "stomach crud" at least once...sometimes twice...a year, as well as a bad cold about once a year.  I was really careful about handwashing...I never touched a doorknob without a paper towel in my hand...but the germs must have bee airborn.  Anyone who has worked around little kids knows...they have their fingers up their noses, don't wash after the bathroom....all that gross stuff.  It's almost impossible to avoid germs in a school!!


If someone is really immune-compromised, they shouldn't hesitate wearing a mask in sense in taking chances on getting sick if it can be avoided.

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Re: Avoiding colds & flu in the winter - How?

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1) use wipes that are ANTIBACTERIAL (Wet Wipes)  hold the wipe up to my nose and breathe (like a mask but not as obvious). Two purposes: moisturizer sinus tissues/ kills other peoples' germs



2) Garden of Life sinus supplement



3) Nell-Med saline rinse packets used in squeeze bottle


These are my solutions.

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Re: Avoiding colds & flu in the winter - How?

I shouldn't type this but I haven't gotten sick a long, long, long time.  


I do exercise and eat right but I think the big thing for me is listening to my body.  At the first sign of not feeling right or being overly tired, I take immediate care of myself and put myself to bed or just slow down and let my body use its energy to fight whatever is trying to multiply and make me ill.  


I really think that helps and I usually feel much better within 24 hours or so.  Extremely rare that even have to pop an aspirin.