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It's been six months since my last lung scan. In Oct. of 2021 a mass was found in my left lower lobe. With each scan and a pet scan, the mass has been shown to be shrinking.  My next scan is scheduled for this Thursday. I'd sure like to get a good report, so I'm asking for your prayers to help me with that. Thanks to all of you.

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Prayers for a good report being sent!

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Re: Asking for prayers

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@catter70I am sending prayers that you get a good report. I know these appointments can me so stressful.  folded-hands_1f64f.png

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Prayers going up!! Heart



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Prayers and I know how you feel.  

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Praying you get a good report from your scan Thursday.

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@catter70  Prayers for you for Peace and continued good reports.

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Praying now 

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Thoughts and prayers being sent.  God bless.