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I dress in a classic style but not because of my age.  I have always dressed this way.  I like jackets whether I am wearing them with jeans or a skirt.  There are certain parts I keep covered.  No sleeveless any more - I always cover my upper arms.  No more mini skirts or shorts.  Otherwise than that I dress pretty much the same.  Also I don't wear 4 inch heels anymore but I still wear cute wedges and flats.  

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@lovesrecess wrote:

.I like the quality of Chico's and the sales they have allow me to buy their things for far less than QVC or Talbots....I do prefer a bit of whimsy in my style....but you have to be careful as you get older; you don't want to look like you are trying too hard or that you are trying to look like a 20-something. I think sometimes it isn't what you wear, but how you wear it.  My biggest problem is finding shoes that don't look clunky and frumpy like Clarks. I hate a sturdy-looking sensible shoe! 

@lovesrecess that would be The Church Lady shoes LOL from SNL!!!  


I tend to be all over the day I like a certain style and think I should try that and sometimes it looks fine on me but other times not so much!  I think I wish I could just update my hairdo/style some...I think that would have what I am looking for.  


I just know times are much different then when my Mom was my age (52)....I don't think there's alot of clothing that you can't put to some degree in her closet.  Super high heels maybe not worth the fracture risk...or a ultra low cut thin skinny straps top...these might be passes LOL heck I won't wear em!  

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KentuckyWoman wrote: 

I don't know what dressing my age looks like.  I am 70.  I love fashion.  Always have.  For me, mini skirts, bikinis, and hot pants are out.  Everything else is fair game.  I am in great health, look pretty good for my age and I wear what I like and what flatters my figure.  Life is too short to follow fashion rules.  One of my friends came to church last week wearing a pair of printed leggings with a beautiful tunic top and a low heel wedge sandal.  She is 75 and she looked fabulous.   

Good for her.  I have always been stylish for me at every age.  I am 81 and right now feel like I have been slapped in the face by an aquantance, not a friend. We have know each other five years  I wish she could read the wonderful comments here.


 We had lunch today and she commented on my jewelry, saying I love glitter.  She commented on my nails. She asked me if I was trying to get attention or rebellious.  I wear nice jewelry, but three gold bracelets on one arm and two silver on the other. I wear earrings and three necklaces.  I don,t dress young or old, but always get complements everyday.  She told me I am very hyper with too much energy.  The reason is because we were talking about doing things and I mentioned, if something has to be done, I have to do it right away or take care of the problem immediately. That is right for me.  She rather wait and it will take care of itself.  Good for her.


I live with my dog and take care of everything, yards, house, etc. Even painted my own fence recently and a bedroom.  She has a Gardner and housekeeper.  I don,t care, I could have one if I wanted, but get satisfaction doing my own work, I,m strong. I have never said anything to her about how she lives. She also says she would never have a dog, too much work. I tried to explain the pleasure my dog gives and loyal companion and really Is not a lot of work.


 I think our lunches will be few and far between. I have real friends that like me the way I am and a couple that are starting to wear some glitz because, they said I encourage them to come out of their shell.


 I was helping her when she fell and was laid up. I try to break away, but she calls me, and invites me to  lunch.  After today, I,m through.

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@RetRN wrote:

@chrystaltree wrote:

I certainly don't choose clothes based on my age or rule anything out based on my age.  I've never seen a size "57 year old" dress or top.  I wear like I like, at this stage of my life I dress for myself.  I do like to look fresh and modern.  I think that old concept of dressing for a particular age belonged to my mother's generation.  

I'm sure you are a drop dead gorgeious style maven. With your ego, I would expect nothing less.


I am indeed.  Thank you so much for recognizing it.


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If it looks good I wear it.  Period...