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Re: Are you bah humbug about Halloween?

I don't really decorate for Halloween, just have various mums on the front steps but the actual day I have a ceramic pumpkin and candy corn lights that I string around the front table that holds the candy bowl.


We really don't have many little ones around here and we're lucky if we get maybe 10-15 little ones but one year many years ago we had a child tsunami!  I always bought plenty of extra candy as my mom enjoyed it as did people that would stop by but clearly I wasn't going to make it.  My mom didn't want to be left alone so I could run to the store and restock and I was in a panic until I remembered I had bought a couple of boxes of individual snacks from Costco for my lunch.  The kids were thrilled and my mom and I laughed until we cried when we finally closed the door for the night.


It never happened again.  Went back to the 10-15 kids . . . Smiley Happy

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Re: Are you bah humbug about Halloween?

I do miss trick or treating with the kids when they were little.  The kids in their costumes were so cute. 


I would make a big pot of chili.  It was so nice to come home to a nice bowl of chili on Halloween. 

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Re: Are you bah humbug about Halloween?

It's interesting that I have zero memories of Halloween when I was a child. None.

I do remember our kids going out with dad while I stayed home and gave out the candy.

We have nobody here now. Our church has a harvest festival with games, candy, entertainment, etc. and parks and schools do things like that also. It's much safer for the kids, IMO and I don't miss it at all.


snappy Smiley Happy

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Re: Are you bah humbug about Halloween?

@Mj12 wrote:

@FlyersGirl wrote:

I love Halloween. Always have. It is also my BirthdaySmiley Happy My family and friends come to my house to help me with the trick or treaters.


I live in a great neighborhood in the burbs outside of Philly. Every year I get over 200 trick or treaters. I decorate my front yard and porch with lights and spooky stuff. There may be one or 2 houses on my block that DON'T decorate. Almost everyone does. The local police spread out throughout the borough, stand on the street corners to help the kids and they give out glow sticks. I spend a small fortune on candy and Halloween toys for the kids that cannot have candy (yes I hang a teal pumpkin so that the parents know my house is OK for them). It is a social event in my town.



Happy early Birthday!



From me, too, Happy Birthday!

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Re: Are you bah humbug about Halloween?

I participate in Halloween by giving out candy, but I don't like the holiday.

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Re: Are you bah humbug about Halloween?

It doesn't do anything for me.  The last two years I participated it was just a hassel.  The dogs would bark for hours on end because of the noise, and I would open the door to give out candy and the dogs would dart out and chase kids down the street.  They just wanted to play with the kids.

This year I'm going to a Garth Brooks concert, YAY!

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Re: Are you bah humbug about Halloween?

I like Halloween but it is not a holiday. It is an event like Valentine's Day. The mail will still run and no one gets off. I got the TSV today in the 4ft white and I'm going to put it in my flower bed with the purple lights on it and black garland. I've got 3 large pumpkins in my flower beds and a big lit jack-o-lantern in my window. Orange lights are also in my flower beds out front and I put out my Halloween flags on my garden stakes. I buy lots of candy and treats. I think it's a kick-off for the holiday season for me. I start baking yummy things starting on Halloween. After Halloween I'll take the black garland off the tree, change the lights to orange, take down my jack-o-lantern, change my flags to Thanksgiving  and I'm ready for November!

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Re: Are you bah humbug about Halloween?

Bah Humbug!!!


I actually have always liked creating costumes, but I no longer work at or belong to any group that does the dress-up thing.  That is the only part I miss.


I hate the whole creepy spiders, bloody zombies, etc. that Halloween has turned in to.  When I was a child, I loved Halloween decorations, because they were mostly cute ghosts, cute goblins, cute pumpkins, etc.


I don't decorate for either Halloween or Autumn.  Orange and brown are 2 of my most disliked colors.  So although I love the weather during fall, I am always happy to see the Halloween and Autumn stuff disappear and the Christmas stuff come out.  It's usually prettier.

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Re: Are you bah humbug about Halloween?

I do not have trick-or-treaters where I live, or family little ones around me, so have not dealt with giving out candy for years, but I enjoyed seeing the kids in costume when I did do it.


I absolutely adore the spirit and fun of Halloween and the traditions and decorations for Dias de los Muertos. I love all the decorating, the haunted houses, costumes - everything - more than Christmas, because Halloween is a celebration without expectations of family gatherings, meals, kitchen duty, squabbles, etc. it's all fun. Doesn't get any better than that for me.

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Re: Are you bah humbug about Halloween?

I think Halloween is fun. I'm 64 and still dress up to greet the trick or treaters. I have as much fun as they do!

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