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@ECBG  I must not be an adult. I can't use a spatula because I'm left handed.

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I just bought 3 more of my favorite spatula just in case I misplace  or forget where I used it last could find it in the is so wonderful at almost 80!!!! saw my DR. last week said exercise more just make some new moves to  some of your favorite songs  no one will see you but the pets.....Wanna Bet

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Re: Are You An Adult?????

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Well I don't have a favorite spatula, and Im certainly not always annoyed.  But everything else is spot on.  


 yes, college students look 12 years old to me and all my doctors as well.  But maybe thats a good thing, Im guessing.   They are fresh and up on all the latest developments.  


Growing old gracefully is my goal.  Its a priveledge denied to many.  Be happy and be blessed.  

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@Mz iMac wrote:


Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at Thu, Oct 8, 2020-10.37.15 PM.pnghidemf3.gif


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I just reread your post.  Why don't you go to Angie's List and get someone to clean your home twice a month and change the sheets.