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Anyone live in Charleston, SC or near?

A friend of mine is considering moving to Mt. Pleasant or Summerville, which are near Charleston.  Looking for good area for schools and not super expensive to live. Those were the two cities she and her husband liked but can you recommend any other or which of those two is best?  Any thoughts are helpful.  Thanks.

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Re: Anyone live in Charleston, SC or near?

I have relatives in Charleston and have visited numerous times. I would recommend Mt. Pleasant as I know there are many young families there and lots for kids/adults to do. It is very close to Charleston.

Summerville is a lovely small town but 30 to 40 mins from Charleston. There is a Sun City development out that way for seniors. I would think it is less suited to children but probably the housing is less expensive. The houses are older and I am not aware of any new building geared to young families. Mt. Pleasant has new subs and can be pricey.

Perhaps a true local could advise better.

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Re: Anyone live in Charleston, SC or near?

I'm about 1 1/2 hr from Mt Pleasant but am there frequently. Over the past few years it has grown quite a bit. I would say it's family oriented. It is in Charleston county and might be pricey. Don't know much about Summerville - it is about 40 minutes away. Is she relocating for a job?  

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Re: Anyone live in Charleston, SC or near?

This is  from my best friend that lives in Summerville. She lived in Charleston for rmany years then moved to Summerville 5 years ago.


"I live in Summerville and I love it.  I'm in the pretty part of Summerville and away from all the chaos .

I think Mt. Pleasant is in a much higher bracket and I never had the desire to live there. Go online and  you  can check out homes for sale in both areas."