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Re: Anyone have luck with online dating sites??

@nycgrl wrote:

I'll be quite honest with you. I am in the same situation and I tried e-harmony and was stood up by the guy that I was supposed to meet.  The next day a friend of mine who I told where I was going and with whom, called me to tell me that person was on the front page of the newspaper when he was arrested.  I reported it to e-harmony and asked for a refund.  As for match (and plenty of fish) - I have many friends who have had success and others that have tried for years.  It seems to me that the same guys are on all the dating sites and depending on where you live and what you want, there are a lot of players that you really need to weed through.  I have given up, but that doesn't mean you should.  I know a lot of now happily married people who have met online, it just wasn't my experience.  I prefer the old fashioned way and the instant of knowing whether there is chemistry or not.

That's really a close call!  Fortunate for you he was arrested before you met up with him. The same thing happened (or she thought it did) to Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail when she went on a blind date to meet Tom Hanks' character.

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Re: Anyone have luck with online dating sites??

I think you can meet people online, but you have to keep it fairly local. I think it's too much of a hassle to have a relationship with someone in another state. My friend actually married someone she met online years ago who lived in a town close to her. My son dated a darling girl for almost a year he met on POF. My son was only interested in dating and not marriage though.

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Re: Anyone have luck with online dating sites??

I had to smile when I saw this post.  Let me tell you, I am 66, retired last year and I have met the most amazing man on a dating website. We have been dating for 8 months now and truly in love. I dated a few guys on the website, one gave me a story that his parents were about to lose their home so I told him good luck in saving it and I was out.  I dated a guy who had no furniture in his home and was a momma's boy (not the guy for me) I dated a guy who I soon found out was being sued for non payment of a car loan and his car was repossesed ( found that out by looking him up on a court case website) so I dumped him. The man I have now respects me, loves me unconditionally, takes me to dinner, cooks for me, opens doors for me and he is very stable in his life and finances. We laugh, enjoy being with each other, have never  argued about anything. He is laid back, says I am the boss and oh yeah ! he is 5 years younger than me.  He goes to church every Sunday as do I.  Found my soul mate for sure, makes me smile everyday. I even took a flight to Virginia with him (he paid for everything, stayed 5 days, beach side hotel ) met his children.  I have met his brother and sister, went to my first superbowl parties (2) this past weekend where he introduced me to his fraternity members and their wives.  He tells me he is very happy. Sorry for the long post but I had to tell about my blessing 

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Re: Anyone have luck with online dating sites??

First of all, I would hardly call myself naive.  I grew up in NYC, lived there most of my life, and have been working for 40 plus  years.


I was married for over 25 years, and we divorced several years ago.  So I have been on my own for several years.


My thing was....I put off dating while my daughter was younger....we do so much stuff together, and now that she is moving out, I feel like it is MY time.


So I never dated, but always wanted to get my feet wet.  I am very social, go out quite a bit with friends, but there doesn't seem to be anyone out there to meet.


So I decided that, once my daughter left, I would start concentrating on my life.

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Re: Anyone have luck with online dating sites??

try It's Just Lunch. 2 of my friends ended up meeting their spouses and have been very happy. No risk. They felt very comfortable.


Keep your guard up. Being alone isn't so bad, but just don't get desperate about it.

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Re: Anyone have luck with online dating sites??

My sister was widowed young after many years of a happy marriage.  She moved to be near her daughters and grandchildren.  It didn't take long that being the 'alone' person at events started to bother her.  She has a successful career and can certainly take care of herself.

She met a wonderful widower on a Christian site (not mingle).  Took it slow but after 2 years, married.  She is extremely happy.  She mentioned not all guys on any Christian site are really Christian.  LOTS of creeps.


My dear friend divorced after many years of marriage.  Was SO thrilled to be on her own.  Again, after a while...being alone (although very happy with her life) was getting too much.  She also met someone online and married again (even though she said she never would!) after 2 years also.


There are happy stories!

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Re: Anyone have luck with online dating sites??

 I haven't tried it, but know two guys that were on match.  Neither had children and met up with women that had two children.  Both are happy as can be.

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Re: Anyone have luck with online dating sites??


@qvc chick


I know a couple of couples LOL who met in this way.

For various reasons, they had not "found" their soulmates yet, and were wanting/needing some type of social life.

It is what you make it... suggestions from those "in the know" here about the pitfalls are worth considering.


The internet dating scene, IMO, is a great way to meet people! Wishing you fun!

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Re: Anyone have luck with online dating sites??

I did online daing many years ago.  Had several dates but none of them came to anything.  It was a good learning experience for me since I was newly divorced and had not dated in years... When I was online with the guy we would email for a week or so and then talk on the phone.  Felt better when we finally met at a casual place.  So have fun with it and you will see who the frogs are and who is a prince.

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Re: Anyone have luck with online dating sites??

A now retired co-worker signed on to Plenty of Fish. It was fun to hear her dating adventures and I loved "dating vicariously" through her tales.
While some of the men she met were literally scary or bums, she did have at least 3 relationships that lasted at least 1 year.


I was pretty sure she was going to sail away with a boat captain that she met on POF, but they broke up. Last time I bumped into her she'd met someone else on the site but I haven't seen her in a few years so I don't know her current status.


Be careful. Talk first.  If you decide to meet that person make sure it's in a public place and that you have your own way back home should you get a bad vibe.