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Re: Anybody lie about their age?

No!  I am proud and thankful to have lived this long. Besides, if people see that you lied about  your age, they might wonder what else you may have lied about. My mom always said...."if people lie to you about little things they will lie to you about big things".  



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Re: Anybody lie about their age?

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I also can't understand why someone would lie about their age. It seems as I've gotten older I care less and less about what other people think about me.. It makes no difference to me if someone thinks I'm younger or older than what I am. When I look in the mirror, this is what 66 looks like. I don't compare myself to other people and if someone else does, well that's their problem.


My Dad used to say he didn't worry about getting older when you consider the alternative.

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Re: Anybody lie about their age?

No, I don't lie about it, but some days I forget how old I am.Woman LOL


If asked, I tell the interested party I'm 104!

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Re: Anybody lie about their age?

@Goldengate8361  When I was in my mid 40's I would cut a few years off my age and could get awy with it, but now that I'm 66, the mirror don't lieWoman Frustrated

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Re: Anybody lie about their age?

@NameAlreadyTaken wrote:

@SeaMaiden wrote:

I am 65. I tell people who would  rudely ask how old I am, that I am 75. I get a lot of compliments 😄


I did something similar when I was in my mid 40s.  A friend who was recently divorced (and my husband was in the Orient at the time) wanted me to go out with her.  I had no interest in going out with her but she was a good friend who had helped me with a number of things when I needed it so I ageed to go out with her.  I was not interested in men hitting on me.


When men would offer to buy drinks, I would thank them and say that I was funding my own.  She, of course, was out looking for a date (or something) and would accept.  One of the men had the testosterone to ask me why I did not accept a drink to which I told him I was not and would not be obligated in any way for a man to buy me a drink.  He asked how old I was.  I told him that I know that I looked much younger but I was turning 70 the next week.  He did not offer to buy me another drink.  He went back to his little huddle of men, talking, whispering and pointing me out.  Nobody was interested after that.  








Awww, I would've accepted the drink, but also let them know that I was married, and that nothing was going to happen. 

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Re: Anybody lie about their age?

@lmtep wrote:

No.  No need to.  What's the point?  Vanity?



I don't either....I just never mention it.  😝

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f you lie about your age, then you lie about other things, too!Re: Anybody lie about their age?

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Re: Anybody lie about their age?

I have never considered doing this.  At 66 I am confidant, happy and enjoy two grands who are 8 and 14.  They do not perceive me as "old."  We do so many things together and I am fortunate to share all their experiences as I have a daughter in law who always insists we are part of the...whatever is happening.  School functions have been minimal this year but we are having dance competitions (albeit different than past years), school competitions and this weekend our "first" beauty pageant.  They love to introduce us to their friends  as does my son and daughter in law.  Funny, because dil's mother is considerably younger than me and honestly I look younger than her.  The kids keep saying I age gracefully as they think I look younger now than past years (through the eyes of a child.)  


Times are different.  I look at my grandparents who were old in their 50's.  A bit overweight, gray hair and arthritis.  My husband who is 78 and myselft try not to let anything keep us down!  Don't let age catch up. 

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Re: Anybody lie about their age?

"Re: Anybody lie about their age?"

I don't. Smiley Happy


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Re: Anybody lie about their age?

@Goldengate8361  No, I don't.  I figure those that I know and love know how old I am.  And as for others, I don't lie about it because what they see is what they get.  Besides, I might forget what age I had previously said and then have to do the math.  ✖➕➖➗📝

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