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Her name is Sadie. She is a rescue dog and crazy like me. 

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Pin on Happiness&Smiles

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See the source image

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Re: Antidepressents

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Definifely Molly, my beagle (haven't figured out how to post pics here on computer yet, but typing getting better). I also have a white stuffed bunny that I've had since college that's always in my bed. We have white sheets and white down comforter and many times, she gets "lost". I tied a bright pink ribbon around her neck so I can find her. 

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Yup, they are better than pills - And, NO side effects!  We have Finn (Airedale mix), and our kitties Silver and Rosebud.

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@spent2much    Awww,  I love you Jessie! 

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@spent2much wrote:

Her name is Jessie, a beautiful, sweet, loving Golden Retriever, now 8 years old!  She makes me smile all day, every day.

Jessie 10-2020.jpg



Absolutely beautiful!!! What a snuggle Smiley Happypup!!!


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Willoughby......many doses, many times a day!  He always puts a smile on my face!

He just put one on mine --definitely a snuggle bunny!! Smiley Happy
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Jose Cuervo........





That does look enticing!!

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IMG_20200809_2129177_rewind.jpgThis is my LOVE...Daisy

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