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As I stated in another thread, I'm watching a film, and have to read what they are saying. Then I wondered what my name would be like in another language, since this is Icelandic and I'd have guessed Swedish from how it sounds.  It's comforting to listen to them talk.  


I love to listen to Italian, and French and English from Englanders.  I speak no other language, but they are interesting.


Do you speak another language?


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yes - Hebrew, Russian and French (and know Latin but we don't really "speak" it!)

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Does "Southern" count?

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My parents used to talk to MY PARENTS in their language often....maybe it was when they didn't want us youngsters knowing what they were talking about....LOL

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I do not speak any other languages but I cannot relate at all to just listening to the sounds of another language.   That's another thing that Europeans have over us, many are bilingual and many speak some English.  I want to speak and read Spanish spend time in Spain.  

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I can make myself understood and get around in Spanish and French. I'm not fluent, but I can make it work.


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I know enough Polish, Russian, German and Spanish to be dangerous. lol My son's girlfriend used to laugh her keister off when my son and I would speak Spanish around her and I have had more than one Russian speaking person roll their eyes at me. I get along best with Polish and German because my grandmother's were of that extraction.

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I am writing from Italy where I am visiting my mother.Got a couple of packages from Qvc Italy.I used to speak German when I worked in an office renting apartments to Germans.My hometown is a popular beach resort near Venice.


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Leaned French in school, I can speak it somewhat if really needed, it does come back if someone will speak to me slowly.

I understand some Yiddish, my Mom was fluent, and she and dad would speak it when they didn't want us to know what was happening. Also she spoke to an old family friend in Yiddish

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