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This morning , before dawn, I went into my husband's  dark bedroom to check on him.  He has a life threatening illness and is currently in the middle of radiation treatments. As soon as I reached the area where he was laying on the bed, I immediately saw '3' pops of light, one right behind the other. They were quick - and tiny lights. I've never seen anything like that before.  I choose to believe they were his 'angels', watching over him.

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How wonderful! I am sure that was comforting!

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@sarahpanda  I would choose to believe right along beside you.  

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@sarahpanda I believe in angels.  In several occasions in my life, I know they have intervened.

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@sarahpanda   I believe you are correct  Blessings to him & you

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I'm a believer.

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Many people who see spirits see them as glowing orbs.


It could have been his family members who have paased ( mother, father, or siblings) too.


Anyway, how comforting to know he is being protected.

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How beautiiful,  I am also a believer and The dear Lord send his angle to comfort you in a time of need.  I thank the Lord for you and your hubsand’s blessing.

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Re: Angels and DH

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I'm a very strong believer.  My life has been saved many times by my guardian angel.  His name is Thor I've been told.  God bless your husband they will keep him safe.

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@sarahpanda   I, too, am a believer.  I also believe in signs. 

What a blessing to know that your DH is being cared for by you and the angels.