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Re: Among Friends Grief Support Group

@Nyob wrote:

New to this thread,


  I’ve been on an nonstop grief since going on 11 years now. My daughter and 4 mo old grandson died 4 months apart.  They’re buried together in conn and I live in oh. So I can’t visit the gravesite. Wish I could. Then I could carry a conversation. I had no family support. None. Never spoke of them. My family actually was not nice towards me. Still aren’t. Now they have nothing to do with me. Makes grief worse. I’m aging now and very very alone.  I’m left with a broken heart. Nothing I can do. 


@Nyob , I'm just seeing this now, and I am so sorry for all the sorrow in your life.  Feeling alone makes it so much more difficult.  I hope you will feel less alone here.  


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Re: Among Friends Grief Support Group










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Re: Among Friends Grief Support Group

@Anonymous032819 and I thought I was alone. Looks like you and I share the same sadness. It’s dreadful thing. Depressing. Nobody cares. Yet I’ve always been there for others and now I’m mad at myself for doing that. Sorta. Well I’m going to take a step back fro being a therapist, which I am NOT!!  Time to let others realise to go get somebody else to listen to their stuff because my shingle says I’m CLOSED!  I have to come here to get myself heard. And supported. Just like you, my dear. That is sad but I’m grateful too. I hope you get something out of what I’m saying. Look to taking care of YOU now. I’ll be thinking 🤔 of you! 💙💙💙