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I not only have and love Prime but have the Amazon Prime Visa Card.  I get 5% cash back on everything I buy at Amazon and lesser per cents on all other purchases.  I let my cashback monies accumulate and use it at Christmas.  I can use it at Amazon, pay my Visa bill, or even have it put into my checking account.  I get most purchases same or next day, never ever more than 2 days.  

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I love it too, also have the amazon charge and we do get credit. My husband watches the movies and still can't believe they deliver on a Sunday. I usually just use the standard delivery because I really don't care if I get it in 2 days but most time I do get the package in 3 days instead of the 5 days with standard unless it is coming from a vendor and not in the warehouse. My daughter is on my acct. she gets the movies, gets packages using her charge & her address. I think you can add other people on your acct. even if they don't live with you. Maybe you can split the cost of the membership. Also think if you are a new member they will give you a discount for the 1st year or if a college student they get a discount. 

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@Nbo wrote:

I have prime and I find it's worth it because I order all the time and since I also like getting my things shipped quickly I keep prime. Sometimes I am able to get my order the same day. 




      Same here.

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@Group 5 minus 1 


Worth every penny we have paid for many years, even excluding the Prime Streaming. I do watch some free Prime movies via our membership. Our Prime benefits are from the $$$ saved, over and above the membership costs, again excluding their free "streaming".





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Yes, it definitely is worth it to our family.  Besides, great prices (I always check Amazon if I see an item i want on a different retail site) and the variety of items they carry, we use it for movies, music and television shows. We haven't paid shipping costs on anything we have purchased in I can't remember in how long.  On the rare occasion that I need to return something. It is quick and painless. Amazon Prime knows how to do things right! That Can't be said about very many tv/online retail companies.

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Re: Amazon Prime

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@Group 5 minus 1 wrote:

We are wondering about this. Is it worth it?

We cannot stream.


I love Amazon,because it keeps a list of all my orders. 

Run the numbers and see if Prime will help you save money. 

You may not be able to stream video content,but can stream music. Music does not use as much data. 


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The many benefits by being a Prime member are so many to list, but here’s a few.


1. Prime lending Library (borrow up to 10-at-a-time). plus you can switch out books you’ve finished, etc.


2. Prime music, which can be downloaded onto smartphone so as not to use Data.


3. If one owns a Kindle/Fire device, a free book is offered monthly, to keep.


4. Prime video, which is seemingly endless and has no separate fee.


5.  of course, shipping.....along w responsive customer service.


I urge everyone to fully read through all the benefits of Prime!

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I joined last year.  I signed up for the Prime Credit card because I wanted a second card for online ordering only.


The promo had a year of free prime.  I used the points from the credit card to pay for this second year.


I don't take advantage of any of the included music, videos or books.  None of that interests me.  Everything I want to read, listen to or view is not included with membership.


I can't think of anything I've ordered that I had to have same day or next day.  I did well for 8 years just ordering when I hit the free shipping limit.



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