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Re: Always New Surprises Here

Don't mean to correct you, but Suzanne Somers was on QVC, with Kirsten, I believe, talking about supplements and how they keep her young. She has had "work" done on her face, so I do not think it is the supplements........ and yes she has done a lot of channel hopping....

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Re: Always New Surprises Here

I have had such an adverse reaction to this woman ever since Threes Company, and I don't care if she sells liquid gold at a massive discount, I will absolutely NOT support her in any way.  JMHO

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Re: Always New Surprises Here

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If I remember the story correctly, her husband/manager advised her to demand more money for her part of THREE’S COMPANY. She was promptly fired. Her career went downhill from there.


She’s written books, “invented” or advertised various exercise equipment, researched hormones and written books about that, exercise, lifestyle/health, etc.  Now supplements, aging and health?


Where are her credentials?

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Re: Always New Surprises Here

Her husband is her manager and apparently hangs around the whole time she's on air.  I imagine he's very pushy and a nightmare for management.  He may ultimately be her undoing.

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Re: Always New Surprises Here

Does she have credentials?  Or does some company make this stuff for her, and they put her name on it, she tries to sell it, and they split the profit?  

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Re: Always New Surprises Here

@PinkDogwood  I think S Sommers has been back with QVC for a good while .

I like her  shakes. She had some pretty good stuff long time ago on HSN. I  bought a very pretty pair of pajamas from her line and a denim jacket and pants. She does not do  a clothing line anymore. Sort of wish she did considering some of the  clothing choices q has to offer now. As far as posters saying she does not look good. She has aged, but she is 71 years old. I imagine some of what you are seeing is the result of sun damage from years ago and cosmetic procedures maybe. I personally would rather see more celebrities  grow older naturally.