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Re: Advice RE a Funeral (Urgent)



Thank you so very much for the update.


You were an absolute angel for going to support the family.  I know how very heart wrenching it is for us to have done that.


I have been on both sides, as the teacher, and later as the mother.  I can tell you I still remember every single person and comment.


Again, bless you.

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Re: Advice RE a Funeral (Urgent)

You should go

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Re: Advice RE a Funeral (Urgent)

@sandy53 wrote:

I think you should go.  You are a caring teacher and the family will appreciate your concern.  There also may be other students there who you can comfort. 

@sandy53   I think you have given a most thoughtful and considerate answer. I, too, think she should attend.  I believe if it was me, my conscious would bother me if I didn't go.