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@gloriajean so happy to hear you're feeling better.  I hope you continue to get better every day!!  😊

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So happy to hear you are back home, gloriajean.  There's no place like home!  Maybe holding those babies will be the best therapy for you!  I pray that each day you will gain more strength.

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@gloriajean, I'm glad you're home and feeling betterHeart

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Jamma - I got your nice Get Well Card today with the Mass offerings, and I thank you so much for it.  I've been waiting daily for it to arrive and today it came.  It is much better than a card.  It is so special.  I will be writing to you very soon, but just wanted you to know that I got the card!!  Thanks to Love Roses for that happening!  



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You are most welcomed Gloria Jean.  Stay well and enjoy those beautiful Grandbabies.


Keep us up to date with pictures tthey are precious.