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Darn sure I filled it out. This one was different than the first one I was sent a few months ago. The questions were more direct and spaces for comments.


I still think the press releases we see are not as truthful as they seem. Between the repeat items constantly shown and obviously not selling, many shows with clearance items and slower shipping than most sites and also charging for shipping when other sites are can they possibly compete?

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It's like this every holiday season.  They repeat many items...not unusual.  The other shopping channels do the same thing.  Doesn't mean they aren't selling....could just mean they ordered a ton of them to fulfill holiday shopping.

They are going to promote what they have.


My shipping is no slower than any other site as I have had delays with all vendors.

My last Amazon took 5 days.


QVC seems to be competing just fine as they have been on air since 1986.


Amazon has been around since they have been head to head for years now.  QVC is still here.

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At this point, I call them Venting Surveys...a way for consumers to vent because it makes them feel better, not that QVC plans on implementing suggestions.