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I have definately been thanking all the workers I have had to intereact with the last couple of weeks.  I struck up a conversation with an Aldi worker the other day and she was so friendly.  She then said that earlier a man had walked up to her co-workker who was haveing a drink, grabbed the drink took a sip and handed it back!  The nerve of someone to do this.


@kitty60   Even if there was no virus, that's an eeewwwwwh!!!

@Shanus @kitty60 Stupidity is always rampant!!!

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I actually prepared a goody bag for my mail carrier. 


Items in bag:


-i roll of toilet paper

-10 face masks

-8 oz bottle of hand sanitizeer

-box of 4 chocolate truffles


Gave it to him today.  So thankful for ALL the people who are still working and having to interact with others.



@5925  That's a great idea.Generous. Wonder if he appreciated the TP the most? Lol



I actually received a Thank You card from him a few weeks ago.  AND he's a young guy  (maybe in mid 30's) so guess his mother raised him right!!