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I bought the coffee Kcups that HSN had as a TSV last week.  I received a phone call from HSN (recorded) thanking me for my purchase and letting me know that the pack went out by Usps today and I should received it next week.  This must be something new, I like it because I buy so much from the various shopping channels that occasionally do forget I'm waiting for something.  

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Re: A phone call from HSN...

Me too.  I have a list, and I check off each item as I receive it!

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Re: A phone call from HSN...

They must have over-sold and were letting you know of a delay (yay for them!), as I received mine yesterday.

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Re: A phone call from HSN...

@chrystaltree OMG!  That's me too!  I order a lot of stuff from QVC and Amazon.


From Amazon I get it within one or two days.  From QVC it takes so long, I forget what I've ordered.


I just called QVC this morning because when I send something back I always check (yes, I'd like notice that you received it)


Well CS kept saying she didn't understand my question.  Here's my question to her:


"So the automated phone call said Item A XXXXX was received and I will be getting a refund of $11 on my credit card."


I said to CS, "I returned several blouses, sunglasses, and shoes in the same box.  Everything had the original wrapper on it with the return slip filled out..  Why (or does) the automated call notify me of every item I returned and the amount since I use one shipping label for all of it".


Here's the problem with QVC.  They put many items now in one big box (that's why people the hold up of your items)  Those items were ordered on different days.


When I put everything in a box it is in the original plastic package.  QVC prints out on 1 receipt as many as 4 items but only one small return slip.


I even xerox the return slip and put it on the plastic of the item I'm returning, just to make sure they have everything.


However, there isn't ONE return printed slip to put on the box for everything that was in this original box.


Everything I buy is on easy pay or I don't buy it because I don't really have to have it and if I have to send it back, I'm not waiting for $49 or $59 to be refunded.


I often wear a size XL or 1X.  However, sometimes (due to the fit) I might need a tiny bit larger.  The problem with QVC is there is 4 inches between a 1X and a 2X.  That's way too big for me!  Yet, between the smaller sizes there is 1/2, 1 inch, never 4 inches, sometimes MAYBE 2 inches.


So, I end up sending a lot back.


I just wanted to know if QVC just picked out one item from the box to call me because I checked "call me" on all of the items.  They were just letting me know about one item.


She couldn't answer that.  She said she knows nothing about returns, etc.


She started getting snippy with me.


I've been known to call QVC for various reasons and have always been treated with respect and kindness.


However, lately, that hasn't always been the case.  I've noticed a difference in those who answer on CS.


Perhaps they're stressed out by all of the changes taking place.  I'll put my 2 cents in here and say I haven't seen anything change/wise that I'd consider to be positive.


The returns and items going out have taken a very long time.  I think I know why it takes a long time to get the's because to save money they hold them for a few days to put a lot in one box.


I used to get a plastic bag with one or two items in it.  No problem, I'd turn the bag inside out and slap the return label on.


These days some of the boxes I receive are so heavy I have to have a friend bring it in upstairs.


Oh!  Well, I guess that's why more people than ever are buying from Amazon.


I received the birdfeeder, cat food, etc I ordered from Amazon on Sunday Monday.  One item came yesterday.  


Pretty quick, huh?

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Re: A phone call from HSN...

I order more online recently than shopping at the mall, but I print my orders and the email stating that the orders have been shipped. I staple them together to keep track of what's coming from where. DH says I can move all orders, etc. to a "file" & keep them there, but we won't go into my non-techie brain. I like to see/have my paper orders in hand.

When the order arrives, I toss the associated printed papers. It's expensive for the printer...toner, paper, etc., but I have no difficulty keeping track of online purchases. 

I do order a lot of art supplies from Amazon and other sites as well as jewelry making supplies not available locally. 

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Re: A phone call from HSN...

I rarely check on anything.  I like the surprise, so a couple weeks have to pass before I notice something might be missing.  Same goes for refunds.