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Re: A Q Product That Totally Lived Up.......

Retired Legal Secretary, I concur with Hedge, WEN is the best product I have ever gotten from QVC, without a doubt, hands down!  Woman Very Happy

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Re: A Q Product That Totally Lived Up.......

@Retired Legal Secretary   My bowl lift KitchenAid stand mixer, my Vitamix, my Cooks Essential pressure cookers, my Oster French door counter top oven are the ones that first pop into my mind.  Starfrit brand old fashioned kitchen scale, Kuhn Rikon jar and can opener set, Cooks Essentials metal insert for CE pressure cooker (for making puddings and cheese cakes), silicone and glass round and rectangular  glass bottomed ring form pans.  (Can you tell I am happiest in the kitchen?) 


Oreck vacuum cleaner.


Bob Mackie blouse, slacks, velvet jacket.  Clarks shoes.

Jacqueline Kennedy jewelry, Presidential Inaugurations Pearls in 2008 and 2012, by Kenneth Jay Lane, Nolan Miller jewelry, especially his flower pins, Joan Rivers jewelry.


Valerie Parr Hill beveled three piece mirror set and her mirrored box are outstanding.


Only two returns from me, I think, in about fourteen or so years--one a gift that the person decided she did not want, and one an incorrect food item was delivered.


I don't purchase things unless I'm pretty sure I will like them.



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Re: A Q Product That Totally Lived Up.......

Another vote for the bowl lift Kitchen Aid mixer.  I love it!  It is the only appliance I leave out on my countertop.


I also second the mention of Vionic sandals.  I have terrible aching feet and have found Vionic sandals to be wonderful!


I love my Eternagold hoop earrings.  I wear a pair almost everyday.  I have several sizes, mostly in yellow gold, but a couple of white gold pairs.  


I also love my white gold Diamonique stud earrings.  They are small (1/2 carat total weight).  I have real diamond studs in yellow gold, but because I obsess about jewelry matching, I wear the white gold studs when the rest of my jewelry is silver or white gold.  I have double-pierced ears and wear a stud and a hoop everyday.

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Re: A Q Product That Totally Lived Up.......

@blueroses47 wrote:

I have an item that is my absolute, number 1, favorite QVC purchase and it is not something that I would have ever expected it to be.


I have ordered tons of things from QVC over 25 years, mostly clothes, jewelry, makeup, skin care, home decorative items, even a couple of food items (cheesecakes and cookies).


But my absolute favorite is the Spear Head Shovel.  It's a spade, I think, actually, and it enables me to do gardening chores that I would not be able to do otherwise.


I've been gardening for years but always had some trouble doing the really heavy digging because we have such heavy clay soil (sometimes I think I'm digging out a boulder and it's just a big chunk of rock-hard clay).


This thing enables me to dig, not with "ease", but it's so much  better.  Even my husband, who trashes everything I buy from QVC, loves this tool.


Thank you so much for the recommendation! I just ordered one in purple. We have clay soil too. I've broken/bent so many hand trowels over the years...and the big spade is usually too big for what I want to dig. Thanks! Looking forward to getting it. Woman Happy

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Re: A Q Product That Totally Lived Up.......

Ok, now don't laugh but for me it was Poo-Pourri.    When they first showed it I thought it was a big joke but decided to order it and was so surprised at how well it worked.   


I just love how it freshens the bathroom.   Sometimes I'll just spray a few spritzes around the room sort of as an air freshener.  


I actually have so many extra bottles of all the different varieties that I won't need to purchase any more for a while.    


We had some workmen in our home a few months ago and one of them asked if they could use our bathroom.    After a few minutes, he came out laughing and said I saw your Poo-Pourri in your powder room.    He said my wife bought the same thing and at first, I thought it was silly but that stuff really does work.   


It must be a good product when a guy notices and makes a positive comment.   

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Re: A Q Product That Totally Lived Up.......

Love Don Aslett mops, way better than a swiffer,Food vac sealer, the manual can opener no more sharp lids. I still have the Nestco roaster (moist turkey breasts) don't use it as much but great to not heat up the kitchen. I don't buy clothes, jewelry or food products. 

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Re: A Q Product That Totally Lived Up.......

@mac116 wrote:

The Sun Joe chainsaw on a stick.  We have a lot of older trees in our large suburban yard.  We get dead brances, fallen limbs, and the usual unruly bushes.  This light tool works better for my husband and teenaged grandson than our big chainsaw.  Even I can handle it!

Yes, this is great.   I bought this for DH and he was a skeptic, at first.  He loves that thing!  In Florida, we have trees and also some medium tall palms and this can reach those high fronds.  All the neighbor guys ask him where he bought it.  He laughs and says 'DW got it on QVC, it was a free gift with jewelry purchase.'

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Re: A Q Product That Totally Lived Up.......

I love my Kuhn Rikon can opener also. I bought it many, many years ago on QVC. My favorite of all is probably the RSVP flatware I bought many years ago. We use it everyday and it still looks brand new. It came with enough serving pieces, that I always have what I need. I think it was made by Reed and Barton for QVC...18/10....they discontinued it shortly after I bought mine.
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Re: A Q Product That Totally Lived Up.......

@blueroses47  The Spear Head shovel is fantastic, I own two of them.   We have hard clay ground and the shovel cuts through it easily.

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Re: A Q Product That Totally Lived Up.......

I love my slip on "Sloggers."  I have three pair,  They are great in rain and slush and comfortable enough to walk in all day. A plus in the wet morning grass. I  dont even garden much and I love them.


I miss PeterBoro baskets and really enjoyed and still use many of them which have held up beautifully. I enjoyed Walter who demostrated. Many fine products have come and gone that were  nice and different.