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                           I recently received an As Is Louis Del Olio top.  It arrived with wrinkles from top to bottom with what look like animal hairs and a smell of old perfume.  It also looked as though it had been worn several times and washed.

                          I contacted customer service and was told that this is the way the As Is items are,  In addition, they would not give me a supervisor to speak with. As a result, I went on Facebook and left a message. Becky from customer services apologized and sent me a brand new top with expedited shipping.  She also said that the representative would be coached.  It really restored my faith in QVC.  However,  It's a shame that this had to happen because it really has made me question my purchases.

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Re: A HOT AS IS MESS........


This scares me as I just ordered 2 "as-is" LOGO items.   I would hope these garments were not worn and washed .... then stuffed in bags to arrive at my door.


Glad QVC made your situation right!

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Re: A HOT AS IS MESS........

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QVC has excellent customer service, I have found out through the years if you don't get satisfaction call back and someone will help you. I never had an issue . I once bought as is very bad right away they did something for me. That's why I don't order off of other shopping chanels . I don't think their customer service is as good. Yes there are times bad merchandise slips through but QVC will take responsibility .
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Re: A HOT AS IS MESS........

I'm glad they made it right for you but "as is" means used.  It means someone could have worn that top for 28 days and then returned it, just before the 30 day mark.  I'm sure they screen out dirty messes like you received but obviously some of them slip through.  But...used is still used. 

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Re: A HOT AS IS MESS........

I have ordered several "As is" items and never yet have had a problem.  Can say the same about the "last clicks" merchandise.  They all have the same money back offer as with other QVC merchandise.  Frankly, this is the only way I can afford to shop these days.

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Re: A HOT AS IS MESS........

I'm glad they fixed it for you, but I don't think they should EVER ship a clothing item in this condition without disclosing that condition prior to purchase. I have always had exceptional CS at HSN. Last year I ordered a Colleen Lopez lace poncho that arrived with a blue sticky note with an arrow and words FABRIC TEAR. Sure enough the fabric looked like it had been cut. Called CS and they overnighted a replacement. Any AS IS items that show wear should be donated by Q or sent to their outlet for the customer to be able to see in person.
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Re: A HOT AS IS MESS........

I once received a comforter that was an obvious return.  It was just wadded up in the plastic bag, not nicely folded the way new items are packaged. It went back and I didn't pay shipping because I called CS and told them what had occurred.  The rep agreed that QVC would pay return shipping.