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Re: “❤️🙏🏻PLEASE REMEMBER🙏🏻❤️“..................

Thank you for you beautiful words. I am a lifelong resident of PIttsburgh. Never in my wildest imagination could I think something like this would happen here. I suppose that's what most of us think until it hits home. Our news has profiled each of the victims and it is just heartbreaking. Everyone of them were very special. These type of tragedies are becoming too commonplace. Today our Noon news mentioned that Robert Bowers smirked in the courtroom. Hopefully he will get the death penalty and not just sit on death row for the rest of his disgusting life!

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@Shanus wrote:

I also think this hatred and bias begins at home. It’s so important to discuss this with our children/grandchildren in a non-frightening way so they understand how some people don’t understand differences in other people’s beliefs. Instead of trying to learn about other cultures, some people fear it and they act out in a way that’s dangerous, hurtful and not acceptable.


My GDs 9 and 6 understood this. They were afraid to go to Sunday School. They called me to see if they’d be safe because they’re Jewish, too. Broke my heart. 

One of my grandson's who is 3 1/2 goes to daycare only minutes away from this synagogue in Pittsburgh. So many thoughts have run through my mind when this unfolded on Saturday. I just don't know what kind of world our little grandchildren will face when they get older. 

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Many of us have been expressing our heartbreak and disgust of this senseless tragedy since the news first broke within our usual chat threads here in Among Friends. 


I know that there is still a prayer thread dedicated to the families and survivors of this terrorist attack on Community Chat. There were several other threads all over these forums as the news broke, but they were removed by the Mods. You can still find the titles of those threads if you look a page or so back. 


There are also several GoFundMe accounts set up to assist the families of the Tree of Life victims, and the injured police officers and their families. I donated to those, with my prayers. The outpouring of care and condemnation of this mad man's hateful assault has been generous. 


I can't begin to express my own sorrow, or comprehend such blind hatred. It saddens me to my soul, but is becoming obvious that as in Israel, we'll be forced to up our security all over this nation. Evil exists in the minds of too many here, as everywhere in this world. 


Yes, teach the children well- and protect them and all of our citizens, as best we can. 


My deepest condolences to the entire Jewish community. 



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@Shanus wrote:

@reiki604 wrote:

If we need armed guards at our houses of worship, then do we really have freedom of religion. I also am terrified to put my menorah in the window this Chanuka as one of the only Jews  in the neighborhood. I trust my neighbors never know when some 'fine people' may pass by.



@reiki604  I know how you feel. When my DD lived outside of DC, it was a very diverse community. She never felt comfortable putting her menorah in the window. Stinks, huh? 

We've lived here for 25 years and have always put it out. No so confident this year, and I'm in a boro of NYC.


'I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man'.......Unknown
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@PamfromCT wrote:

Hello @NAES1, I hope all is well with you and your family.  We are all doing ok here.


I wanted to reply to you and want you to know I did not see any thread that you started on this subject.  Otherwise, I certainly would have replied.  Please do not be hurt by this.


I am certainly glad to express my opinions on this subject.  Like you and everyone else, how can you begin to process hate and violence to innocent people?  And in America?  It is meant to create terror, and it surely does.  I know when to stop, lest I be “deleted.”


I am slowly reading “Fascism, A Warning” by Madeleine Albright.  I say slowly, as I find it so upsetting.  I think some folks skipped World History along the way, but I am not one.  I try to think of those eleven dear souls wrapped in God’s arms. 


All my my best to you, my old friend. 



                 Heart @PamfromCT


             Your post was so very ~ welcomed ~ with much appreciation.

I know 'exactly' the emotion you have shared here.


  Yes, I agree with what you have explained the book: Fascism, A WARNING.


As you maybe had remembered me telling you, my brother an Adjunct professor in history, has mentioned these same types of books, and his own personal observations over three years ago.

Thank you for your knowledgeable post. I read and believe I am a keen observer of today's world, along with our country. I stay constant with current events.


My comment with posting was not on Community, rather minutes after this when I heard my husband read it to me on another thread.  I wanted to bring attention to everyone of this horrific news alert. I'll pull that up if I can find that.


 Either (as you mentioned) many must had missed World History, or had their heads in the clouds since I had not one *known poster where I am usually three times a week, did not respond, go there - or worse than that, ask me what was I speaking about.

A lot of goblins, witches and the round about giggly Halloween "stuff".  One poster just before me posted the usual 'hoping you [all] are having a happy day postcard...whatever?. I was alerting them to a fact of something happening at that time. 


I stopped there and waited for: if to read from anyone- anything in reference to that day, that hour. 


No, I did not begin a thread since I immediately switched over to read Community where I knew there would `already` be a topic news. 


  Also to @Naturesbeauty@Shanus


I wanted to have that established to most, especially,those  whom has mentioned me and wanted to know. I hope that was cleared to my many questions. Smiley HappyHeart


 Firstly, since we have been very good posting friends for many years, I have missed you during a lot of difficult times that you have been through. I do hope that the worse is over and that your health is much better, along with your brother and the plight he had gone through.

That I understood and posted back several times when you were not up to par being on as much as usual.


We are fine, have a new adopted kitty -age 10, now for two years. I send you by best wishes for your two precious grandchildren. Your sweet feisty little cuddly kitty, Lily. 


 Closing off and will continue to post back whatever forum or thread you may be on. I am not here each day.


 Take very special care, my dear friend. I do see you sometimes on Pet Lovers. Once, again, thank you for the news of one great book that you are reading slowly. 


    Heart  NAES 


   "sending good thoughts and hoping for a more loved world and country". 



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@NAES1 and everyone, 


I haven’t responded on this thread until now. I have become a person who instantly reacts with sadness and tears when I read/watch/hear about horrendous acts in the U.S. and throughout the world. I’m a person who needs to mentally process evil of any kind. 


I cannot speak for other posters, but maybe others are like me. They need time, quiet and introspection.


I watched and read about the victims, their loved ones, friends and their community. They touched my heart deeply. I won’t watch or read about the gunman until he is sentenced. 


I would like to post a couple of quotes that spoke to my heart and hopefully the quotes may resonate with others also. This is my hope. 


Love to you dear friend.

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@butterfly123. Thank you for sharing this. It just expresses everything I’ve been feeling and thinking. 💕

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                         My most deepest heartfelt condolences to each and everyone touched by the Pittsburgh tragedy last Saturday. 


@NAES1, I wasn't sure if you may have missed my post to you last Saturday evening, the 27th.. however, my sincere prayers have continued to be with each of those that lost their lives on that tragic day. May they all rest in eternal peace in the loving Arms of our Father in heaven.   

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Good words of faith, that comfort and show the love of solidarity will always be more powerful than those of hatred and division. Like these....




At such times, it can feel that the whole world is against you. Don’t believe it. Nothing could please the evil-doers more than to think they've destroyed the spirit of your faith, and all hope for the future. Their numbers wax and wane, but will never defeat the goodness in the hearts of all who worship The Almighty. 


I mourn with you and pray for your peace through these most difficult times.