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wen on amazon

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Has anyone purchased wen on amazon and had good luck with getting the real product. If you have a specific seller on amazon that you trust would you mind listing their name? or any that are untrustworthy for that matter. I normally buy on the Q, but I have a small purchase to make on amazon and I want to get my total up to $25 for free shipping - plus I have a coupon. Anyways thanks in advance!

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lovemygigi1355081266.865095 PostsRegistered 3/12/2010

Mariscaw, the only Amazon Wen seller I know that is legitimate is Chaz Dean himself. He does have a 'store" on Amazon. Copy and paste this into your search bar:


His store is called Wen Hair & Body Care and his store displays the Wen by Chaz Dean logo. I know there are many sellers of Wen on Amazon but most of that is the Gunthy Renker product. In fact no one else should be selling the Chaz Dean/QVC products since there are no other authorized sellers. Nothing wrong with the Gunthy Renker line as long as you know that is what you are buying. But if you know you want the same Cleansing Conditioner formula that Chaz sells at his salon/online and at the Q, this is not the product you want. One point, the Seasonal scents sold on Gunthy Renker are the same as here at the Q and salon but the original Cleansing Conditioners sold by GR have a slightly different make up and some people don't feel they work as well. I am not certain how well the styling products sold by GR work as I have only used some in Sweet Almond Mint that came in an introductory special that I ordered from them a few years ago. Honestly, I felt the Remoist that came in that kit was not as good as the Remoist I have purchased at the Q but the styling cream and Texture Balm stick seemed okay.

Another thing is that if you are going to spend $100 you would may be better off ordering directly from Chaz's salon website since shipping is free with a $100 purchase. The shipping for his Amazon store is pretty high, comparable to the Q. But if you have a coupon you might as well give it a shot. I don't know if all stores are honored in the $25 order for free shipping? I have been meaning to look into that! I have Prime and think I have still paid shipping at times . I need to go back and check my order history!

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