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Lock-n-lock Microwave / dishwasher safe ?

Started 1393796997.983 in Kitchen & Food Talk | Last reply 1393954223.627 by stilltamn8r

Can Lock-n-Lock go in the microwave and the dishwasher ?

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lolakimono1393797766.28717551 PostsRegistered 3/29/2012

Yes- use the top rack only and make sure you vent while microwaving.

Sunshine K­ate1393798064.92312984 PostsRegistered 11/13/2006The Beautiful Mountains & Western Sky

I won't use mine in the microwave as I only use glass. It's great in the top shelf of dishwasher.

chickenbutt1393800741.36327077 PostsRegistered 1/16/2006chickentown

The dishwasher info has already been correctly communicated, as well as microwave use.

Let me just ad, from my POV, that I would not put them in the microwave. Obviously, this will destroy them sooner or later. But more importantly, if you do and you're using the lid as a cover, be sure to either offset it or put it atop the vessel upside down. If you leave it on top, as though you were going to seal it but without sealing it of course, it can get sukked on there during microwaving.

I know this because I had given some to an acquaintenance and she just unlocked one of them and put it in the microwave. She ended up unable to get the top off and had to throw it away with the contents inside. (she's not careful with her stuff like I am and it wasn't the first one she destroyed, so I had to stop giving them to her)

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depglass1393864223.17325005 PostsRegistered 11/14/2006

Don't put them in the microwave with spaghetti sauce or other products with any type of fat in them. It will bubble the plastic. After ruining two pieces years ago, I just don't microwave in them, period.

stilltamn8r1393866504.82313953 PostsRegistered 6/14/2006So Cal

I find that they get a sort of whitish build up in the dishwasher- although this could be my hard water...

ibb381393866983.4613224 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I hand wash mine- at least the tops so the seal doesn't get even slightly distorted from the heat of the dishwasher. I don't usually use the tops in the microwave either- I just use a half sheet of paper towel over the container.

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worldglobe­trotter1393867663.25275 PostsRegistered 8/5/2012
On 3/3/2014 stilltamn8r said:

I find that they get a sort of whitish build up in the dishwasher- although this could be my hard water...

Mine do, too. Except it looks to me like it's been partly melted though. I no longer use those for food items, but they work great around the office for paper clips and all that jazz. If I get any new ones, I'll hand wash them.

stilltamn8r1393868336.4913953 PostsRegistered 6/14/2006So Cal

So do you think our dishwashers are too hot?

worldglobe­trotter1393870225.963275 PostsRegistered 8/5/2012

I'm not sure...I don't know how to adjust mine (I live in an apartment). The Food Network plastic storage bins I bought from Kohl's are fine after I've put them in the dishwasher...

stilltamn8r1393874782.1713953 PostsRegistered 6/14/2006So Cal

But you are right, they do seem not just "whitish" but sort of "etched"...

chickenbutt1393875363.95327077 PostsRegistered 1/16/2006chickentown

Sorry to hear some people have had problems with their L&L in the dishwasher. Do you think it could be particularly hard water?

Last time I tested it, our water was somewhere in the middle. I haven't had the dishwasher do anything to my L&L. I keep it on regular wash/hot dry. Never on the bottom, of course.

But the 'etching' effect could be the water. Or you might want to check how hot you keep your hot water temp. I used to keep mine a lot hotter and I cranked it down quite a bit, a long time ago. It's still 'burn your hands' hot. But the mega-high temps are just not necessary.

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RedTop1393877265.8335459 PostsRegistered 9/1/2010

Technically, yes, but my opinion is the Lock and Lock is definitely affected. I don't have a dishwasher, so I cannot give an answer on what happens with that appliance, but I can see where there is potential for damage. However, I have several bowls that were microwaved that are permanently etched, therefore "damaged" from the heat. They look bad, and are only used as microwave bowls now. I also totally disagree with mixing cakes, etc., in a lock and lock bowl, as the hand mixer scratches the plastic. I have learned the hard way that lock and lock are just nice "storage" bowls.

ibb381393877270.93713224 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004
On 3/3/2014 stilltamn8r said:

So do you think our dishwashers are too hot?

My drying cycle is very hot.

I hand wash the covers to be proactive more than anything. I had L & L replace a cover once (a broken tab) - not only did they give me a hard time because I didn't have a receipt. But it also took forever to receive the piece. I prefer not dealing with their customer service!!

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stilltamn8r1393877312.22313953 PostsRegistered 6/14/2006So Cal

Good point CB-I have had less trouble since I turned of my "hot air dry" on my dishwasher, but I DID just get a new waterheater, and YES , it IS hot....Add to that that I have Extremely HARD water.. its like a perfect storm... I always say when I get new lock and locks that I wont put them in the DW... but I always slip up....

suzyQ31393951823.9727372 PostsRegistered 3/15/2007


Seriously, when I don't add a bit of Lemi-Shine to my regular automatic dishwasher powder, glass and plastic come out all filmy. Yes, we have very hard water.

With Lemi-Shine, L&L comes out just perfect.

No, I am not a LS rep. {#emotions_dlg.lol}


stilltamn8r1393953910.5313953 PostsRegistered 6/14/2006So Cal

Yeah, I use Lemi Shine, but I like the new OxiClean product for dishwasher better,I think. ....jury is still out.. but Lemi shine IS great- can't use it with my Reed and Barton flatware, though...

terrier31393954140.0234113 PostsRegistered 7/13/2007

Yes and Yes.

I always put in in the top shelf of the dishwasher though.

And you have to keep it unlocked in the microwave (or it will be shut forever!)

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stilltamn8r1393954223.62713953 PostsRegistered 6/14/2006So Cal

ibb38, yes, I too have a few "3 eared" lock n lock lids.. I never got around to getting replacements, and after reading what you wrote, probably just as well.. I DO like L n L a lot and continue to buy it, regardless.. (hey its that or the Hillshire Farms deli containers, and I wouldn't DARE microwave in THEM!!!LOL!

I have had a couple shatter when they fell out of the freezer, too...I KNOW, I shouldn't stuff my freezer so full that things fallout, but.....

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