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Tassimo Rebate Offer

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If anyone bought the Tassimo with the $50 dollar rebate offer have you received your rebate check? and if you did was the check in a envelope or like on a post card. According to the rebate website our check was mailed Feb 11 but we still have not received it.

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wahoogaz1298758495.5631062 PostsRegistered 8/5/2006

autumnsunset - I purchased two Tassimos ... one from kohls.com and one from macys.com in early December and received the rebates for both earlier this month.

I don't think either one was in an envelope or a postcard ... I believe they were in the things that have 3 perforatored sides and you have to remove those three strips and then the paper unfolds.

Hopefully you'll get yours soon.

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