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Hair Loss After Using Wen Products

Started 1341757619.11 in WEN | Last reply 1384506216.16 by racerrn

I'm posting this note after losing massive amounts of hair in patches mostly at the crown of my head, with smaller bald patches all over my scalp. Early this year (2012) I purchased the Wen introductory package (cleanser, deep conditioner, styling creme, styling balm [stick] and a comb) with the auto 30-day refill. Almost immediately after using the product I noticed huge amounts of hair caught in the drain (the water in my shower built up to my ankles so I checked the drain and found a handful of hair -- much more than I've EVER lost at one time). I didn't make the connection between the natural Wen product and my hair loss and honestly didn't think anything of it until I went to get my long, curly hair cut/shaped and was told by the stylist that I had 'alopecia.' I've never had any problem with hair loss and only the regular 'shedding.' This loss of hair was way behind the regular shedding. The stylist showed me a 2" patch at the crown of my head with smaller patches in the area. I located an additional 5 patches around my scalp. After a tugging feeling that the Wen could be the root of my problem, I checked the internet for 'hair loss after using wen' and found many reports of hair loss similar to mine. And the majority of them sound like my experience. For the record, I haven't had any medical issues, dietary changes, lifestyle changes since the onset of hair loss and the only behavioral change I've made is adding Wen to my hair care routine.

A word of warning to those of you about to purchase Wen haircare products: Wen is a dangerous product.