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What difference has WEN made to your hair & how long did it take?

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I received samples of Wen in the last two QVC giftboxes and for the last two weeks I have been using them with just a little more left. I am trying to figure out if I should order the product or not since I have not seen anything substantial to make me love it.

I read how it clogs drains, possible hair loss and the expense so I wanted to ask the Wen lovers what you love so much about Wen and why you feel it is worth it.

Thanks so much, Dotty

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Mona Dahl1320285163.2132201 PostsRegistered 3/29/2007

Hi Dotty, I've been shampoo-free for about 2 or 3 months now. I am using a combination of Chaz's 613 and Hair One (the popular Wen knockoff from Sally Beauty Supply--it is very similar to Wen, much cheaper and very good.)

It only took a few weeks to notice my ends getting healthier and stronger. Chaz's demo that shows the hair getting thinner to the tip with shampoo is really true. That is what has convinced me that I will never go back to shampoo.

I don't like the fact that I don't have much volume, that my hair always looks a little limp and dull--but it is worth it to have *much* healthier hair that is able to get visibly longer and stronger because it is not being stripped.

On the first few washes with 613/Hair One, I wasn't impressed with the result. It takes some getting used to. The key is in the long-term benefits for your hair, not in the immediate results.

If you are worried about the cost, I would look into Hair One. The key to the main benefits of WEN is in the fact that you are avoiding shampoo. You can get that from any cleansing conditioner. I like to mix equal parts Cucumber and Olive Oil for nice results with Hair One. Good luck!

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NanaNov061320290521.78174 PostsRegistered 5/6/2010Pennsylvania
On 11/2/2011 dottyf said:


I received samples of Wen in the last two QVC giftboxes and for the last two weeks I have been using them with just a little more left. I am trying to figure out if I should order the product or not since I have not seen anything substantial to make me love it.

I read how it clogs drains, possible hair loss and the expense so I wanted to ask the Wen lovers what you love so much about Wen and why you feel it is worth it.

Thanks so much, Dotty

Hi, Dotty

I started using WEN in May of this year and at first, like you, I didn't think it made a big difference, but I persevered for about 2 months. At that time, I decided not to deal with the expense and started using it as a leave-in conditioner following my regular shampoo just to finish up what I had.

Long story short, since I had quite a bit left, I went back to using it to cleanse again, using more than I did previously, again, just to finish it up. My hair literally started feeling fuller and I found that I could actually get away with air-drying my hair (when I have the time) and it still looked great.

I caved for September's TSV (32 oz. cleansing conditioner/12 oz. revitalizing treatment spray of choice with 16 oz. of Fall Ginger Spice) and got two, one in Tea Tree and one in Pom, figuring I would cancel one before the 2nd shipment in December. I'm not--I love both scents and love the way my hair is behaving and looking so much better. I've also been able to grow it the longest I've ever been able to and it seems to grow faster, too.

My hair is thin, fine and highlighted (growing out) and I started with the Lavender back in May. I will NOT be going back to shampoo any time soon. I have had a clog in our tub drain, but it was clogged with my hair over a period of 6 months, not due to the Wen. I really have no more hair loss than prior to Wen; it's just longer strands!


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nycbiggurl1320292673.083627 PostsRegistered 5/29/2010

I have been shampoo free for a year now and I will never go back. I washed my hair today with Tea Tree first and then with the Fig. I am African American and I love how I don't have to use so many styling products anymore once my hair dries. My hair is so much more manageable. It looks and feels much healthier.

As far as clogged drains, I have never had a clogged drain after washing my hair with WEN but I have in the past with regular shampoo. We shed roughly 100 strands of hair a day, with WEN you will notice a lot less hair in your comb and brush. For those that have clogged drains they must be losing those 100 strands at the time of washing and I think it has to do with running a comb through the wet hair improperly.

As long as you don't have an allergic reaction to the menthol, I think you will love WEN. Just make sure you get the right formula for your hair.

MotorCity ­Chick1320294414.31816 PostsRegistered 2/1/2005Michigan

Hi Dotty - I first tried Wen a few years ago and used it once (incorrectly) and HATED it - thought it was a total waste of money. Hated it so much I only used it once and would not even try it again!!

Alittle over a year ago, was watching QVC and Chaz came on and decided to try it 1 more time and see what happened, since then I have NOT looked back and have NO desire to go back to regular shampoo. My fav is TT and my hair is thicker (my stylist is shocked at how much thicker and healthy my hair is) my scalp is no longer flaky itchy and I've how been able to grow my hair longer than its ever been. I would say other than the itchy scalp which seemed to go away within days of using wen seeing the good things took me about 3 months. Its funny, my husband at least once a week will look at me and say "you hair looks so great" - he loves longer hair so is super excited than I've been able to grow it out far better than I ever had in the past.

I have old plumbing, have NO had any issues, NO hairloss, NO negative effects whatsoever. I dont find it expensive because I used to purchase so many different products to do different things for my hair and dont need them any longer. I can't imagine ever going back to shampoo.

gatorgal251320319020.1733036 PostsRegistered 6/3/2007

I have thick, coarse, color treated hair. I tried Wen about four years ago, liked it, but decided I could do without the expense. Over the years, I noticed my color never seemed even and the texture of my hair was getting progressively more like straw, no matter what products I tried. I went back to Wen with the September TSV and really noticed the results right away as far as the texture of my hair. Goodbye straw. I only use the replenishing mist and the cleansing conditioner and have abandoned the flat iron to smooth my hair. It pretty much does what I want with the blow dryer and the round brush. Also, I only touch up my roots now and my color stays even. I don't notice any more hair loss than I did with shampoo...probably less since I can actually run my fingers through my hair with Wen, rather than it being a tangled mess with shampoo. I like it. HTH.

shoptillId­rop1320325565.8579406 PostsRegistered 10/25/2006Michigan

Hi dotty,

Both times I tried/used WEN was because my hair was damaged from highlighting/color/products/blow drying. The first time trying WEN was a few years ago, I then stopped after using if for two years because I got tired of mail ordering it, then I came back to WEN this past June. When I used WEN the first time, it took me a few times trying to find my right mix of products, once I found it, my hair responded well. When I stopped using WEN, my hair was healthy and to my liking. I went back to store bought shampoo's/conditioners and had no problem with them (or so I thought) until my hair hit a dead end. I couldn't figure out what was going on and then a light bulb went on, I ordered WEN again and my hair never felt better. Slowly and subtly, over time, my hair was going back to that damaged feel it had when I first tried WEN. As long as I can afford to use it, I won't be leaving it again.

I've never had one problem with clogged drains in the years of using WEN.

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I tried being patient but it took too long.

theatrebiz1320326545.8331103 PostsRegistered 8/23/2007

For me the most immediate effect was the de-tangling (I have fine hair, but it's below shoulder length and I have a lot of it) and general silkiness. For me, actually having the hair feel thicker to the ends took time. Even if I went back to shampoo, I will always want to use WEN as a conditioner as well as the styling product because nothing detangles, yet doesn't weigh my hair down, like WEN.

I have not had problems with hair loss (in fact my hair feels thicker now, and I am in that pre-menopause state when your hair often thins), or drain clogs (in my 100 year old house).

I do think it takes time to figure out what the best formula or combination is. Some women seem to be able to use any formula, for me I have seasonal favorites - such as mixing fig with sweet almond in the winter for the extra moisture. I also find the soy formula (which is POM and Pumpkin) to be more moisturizing than SAM. And I prefer TT or AC for the summer.

Also, I use way less product than is recommended, which means it doesn't tend to be as costly. Also my hair is still somewhat oily, yet with WEN I can skip a day and my hair isn't a mess.

Everyone once in while I still use my philosophy three-in ones because I love the scents, but my hair can tell - it tends to be less manageable and even a bit fly-away/frizzy on those days.

If you have issues like thinning, or rough texture, etc., I would suggest ordering more WEN and giving it at least a full month or more. Your damaged hair may have to grow out a bit to reveal stronger silkier hair.


Denise fro­m Canada1320336784.791937 PostsRegistered 9/27/2011Northern Alberta

Hi Dotty, I loved wen the first time I used it. Lucky for me I started with the Ginger Pumpkin which turns out to be the best formula for my hair. I had also bought the Lavender and was using it for a first wash & GP for the second & leave in & that did work nicely. Then I tried the GP for both rinses and found it wash more conditioning for me. I have very short thin fine hair and found now for styling its just a wash & blow dry, then done, no more sticky product or stuff to keep my volume, wen does that for me. I had also been losing hair before I tried wen and now notice a big difference with that as well, no more major shedding on my pillow case or clothes. Using wen is like giving my hair a spa day every time I use it.

My sister has had some for over a month now but was only using it once a week and still using her old shampoo. For a week now she has been using the Winter Vanila Mint and today asked me how she could get more as her hair felt great and like me she is no longer losing a bunch of hair. I had given her a test tube version of the new Winter scent. I gave her a Ginger pumpkin to hold her over until December when she can buy more of the Winter scent. She thought wen was nice as a once a week treatment but now that she is using it all the time realizes how great it is on her hair.

So give it a try, find the one that works best for you hair type and enjoy!!


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dottyf1320372401.54345 PostsRegistered 9/22/2010

{#emotions_dlg.biggrin} Thank you so much!! It was so great to read your responses and you gave me alot to think about!!

Such great people you all are, thank you!

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