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Removing Gold Crown Off A Broken Tooth

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I know this is kinda gross, ok really gross, but awhile ago my mom gave me a broken tooth that has an old gold crown on it. I am gathering up some old gold scrapes to take to a refiner here in Seattle (recommended by a search our local news did for best prices on cash for gold). She gave me this tooth in a prescription bottle, I get grossed out looking at it! but this thing is pretty weighty. Does anyone have any ideas or knowledge n how to remove this gold from the tooth or should I take it to the refiner as is? Thank you for your help...


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Jojo3211281105807.2128 PostsRegistered 12/24/2006

About a month ago I took a gold filled tooth to a local pawn shop and they smashed the tooth and removed the gold, just a few whacks and it was out. They don't use regular gold to fill teeth, however. Anyway I got $32 out of the gold in it, not much but better than nothing. Hope that helps.

stilltamn8r1281105957.67313953 PostsRegistered 6/14/2006So Cal

Its not the gold that is weighty- I took one in and was offered about $25 for it... It WAS a few years ago, thugh...

pearllady1281107734.532967 PostsRegistered 4/8/2009PA

Just take it as is. They will get the gold out!

SeaGal1281108186.8114448 PostsRegistered 6/5/2007The Emerald City

Lol, ok, thanks gals I think I will just give it to them as is.I dont have it in me to whack it even tho it is in a bottle!!

Eek, I thought it would fetch more $ than that, I cant imagine a dead tooth weighs much but in total it is weighty.


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