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When you pick up take-out food, do you tip?

Started 1384256385.19 in Viewpoints | Last reply 1384614708.447 by Hayfield

If you order takeout, do you tip when you pick it up. I have to admit I generally don't unless they have a prominently displayed tip jar. If you do tip, how do you decide how much?

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Lakk1384256449.734959 PostsRegistered 11/1/2006


luvpoos1384256643.195182 PostsRegistered 5/3/2006Kingston Ma

No we don't either

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mistriTsqu­irrel1384257198.3710490 PostsRegistered 7/17/2010Purgatory, USA

Lots of people don't, and I can understand why.

Carryout people where I work make minimum wage + tips, as opposed to a server in the same restaurant, who makes half of minimum wage + tips.

Thing is, a carryout person may have 9 pending orders at one time, while a server is unlikely to have that many at once.

In other words, when you don't tip, the carryout person may or may not make as much as the servers in the same restaurant...even if his/her work load is greater.

My suggestion would be to take a quick look in the bag to make sure everything is right. If the person did a good job, give him/her a tip.


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winamac11384259445.1228888 PostsRegistered 12/29/2010Indiana

Yes-10%. They usually have a person dedicated to take out who has to make sure orders are correct and she/he has to bag them, etc.

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stargazer1384260344.383390 PostsRegistered 10/19/2004


Luv2Decora­te1384260740.855920 PostsRegistered 5/2/2008Staring at our boat in storage

I usually tip $5 for pizza carry out, and $10 for a meal carry out.

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Deb1010aga­in1384260791.9572094 PostsRegistered 5/28/2013

Thanks for the info Mistri and Winamac. From now on I'll tip 10%. It makes sense.

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Deb1010aga­in1384260833.62094 PostsRegistered 5/28/2013

Thanks to everyone else for your replies!

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irishmama51384261214.95263 PostsRegistered 4/18/2013
When I order takeout pizza, chinese AND I go in and pickup no I do not tip. If they bring the order to my car Applebees, Outback I fo tip.

MaggieToo1384262095.597746 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004AZ


I especially don't like to see tip jars at drive thru places (i.e., Starbucks)

I will tip at a drive-in.

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brii1384262539.89718890 PostsRegistered 7/14/2008

Yes, I do tip.

If it's strictly a carry-out type restaurant, I don't.

MJ 121384262771.4912030 PostsRegistered 12/30/2009On the Beltway

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biancardi1384262854.06345297 PostsRegistered 11/7/2005


they did prepare the food for me and the only difference is that I chose to go somewhere else to eat it.

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azterry!1384264381.665455 PostsRegistered 10/20/2011valley of the sun,az

Fast food-no

Other take out and pizza delivery-yes. 10%.

ilvanimals1384265178.66715 PostsRegistered 11/8/2013

Yes, I always tip. They are taking your order and packing up you order, no different in my opinion. Anyone that doesn't tip is cheap, these people are still making 2 dollars an hour while taking your order, tip them!

CouponQueen1384265240.0473765 PostsRegistered 10/21/2010

No..I often order take out and draw a line threw the tip line on the receipt. I am not cheap or anything and will tip accordingly but I am not going to tip for handing me my take out and running my card through the machine.

I go to the same pizza place and noticed that nobody else was either. I did notice a tip jar on the counter.

I am just not going to tip because the jar is out there..I draw the line somewhere.

KittyLouWh­oToo1384265482.0374402 PostsRegistered 4/18/2013

I do think there is a difference between getting a bag of food handed to you and having a server wait on you throughout a meal.

So I'll tip both (well, not fast food take out since I don't eat fast food) but I'll tip more to a server who has been waiting on me during a meal.

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Topaz Gem1384266433.87714487 PostsRegistered 10/31/2007Scenic New Hampshire

No, but I don't like it when businesses have a tip jar at the register, making people feel that they should tip everyone. I tip when I'm being served, not when someone is merely doing their job.

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brii1384266543.9118890 PostsRegistered 7/14/2008

I don't tip at the bakery. I don't tip at a coffee shop type place like Starbucks.

LipstickDi­va1384266882.45335245 PostsRegistered 4/22/2005On the Lake in Ohio

If we order pizza or Chinese, I go inside to get these items myself so no I do not tip them. None of these places even have tip jars set out.

If it's a restaurant that also does take-out food and they bring the food out to my car, yes I tip them.

I do not tip at places like Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Panera, etc. when I go in to get a sandwich or coffee and that's no different than going in to pick up pizza or Chinese.

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BeanCounte­r171384266953.7435013 PostsRegistered 8/21/2006Virginia

Friends and family working at restaurants (not fast food) explained that the cashier usually at the cash register taking orders for takeout/bagging it to go, earns minimum wage, no tips. Ever since, I don't tip a certain percentage as much as when I pay, I tell them to keep the coins and give an extra dollar for their "tip".

Hildegarde­ Withers1384267450.58322114 PostsRegistered 7/3/2008
On 11/12/2013 Topaz Gem said:

No, but I don't like it when businesses have a tip jar at the register, making people feel that they should tip everyone. I tip when I'm being served, not when someone is merely doing their job.

Same here.

There's one place in the food court in the mall that I shop at that has a tip jar by the register.{#emotions_dlg.rolleyes} It's funny because people leave their straw wrappers in it.

scotttie1384268422.33329914 PostsRegistered 6/15/2006
On 11/12/2013 irishmama5 said: When I order takeout pizza, chinese AND I go in and pickup no I do not tip. If they bring the order to my car Applebees, Outback I fo tip.

me too.

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Lila Belle1384268659.8178106 PostsRegistered 1/24/2013

Yes, I leave a tip.

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Vamp1384269789.53311151 PostsRegistered 3/9/2007

No, they are selling me food but not providing any service as the waitstaff does. If they bring it out to my car, I give them something, but otherwise, no.

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