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Something scary happened to me today. A car followed me.

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I was going home from work. The usual street is blocked due to construction. I had to go through a residential street. A car was parked in front of a house. The house seems to be empty. The grass is dried, etc. Maybe the people living there don't care about appearance. I don't know but emptiness was the impression that came to me. The motor of the car seemed to be running. It had running lights on. An African American man was sitting in the car. The house is the second from an intersection with a traffic light. I stopped there waiting for the light to turn green. Something made me look to the side. I felt as if I made eye contact with the man although I couldn't see his face. I just saw the silhouette. The light turned green and I continued to the next intersection. I turned the signal light on to signal that I was turning right. I saw that car behind me while checking for traffic. The car continued to follow me. The man slowed down enough to be far away from me and came very close to me when traffic stopped. I believe that it was to prevent me from reading the license plate number. I saw two police cars along the way. I thought about making noise or attracting their attention somehow. However, the man could've easily drive away.

I made one more right turn. The man followed me. I passed my street and eneded up at an intersection with a light. A thrid police car was coming in the opposite direction towards me. I turned left and was going to honk the horn if the car turned, but it didn't. It turned the other way. It is too much of a coincidence. I also didn't want to attract attention because I did not want that a** hole to find out anything about me. I filed a police report online. Hopefully the police will check it out. I gave them the address of the house where he was parked. Three police cars one after another is a sign...

I believe that he realized that I knew. I'm certainly not going to drive on that street anymore not even if it was the only one.

I'm happy to live in California sometimes for laws such as "Three strikes". Three strikes and you are OUT!

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