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Dish Cloths/Towels or Paper Towel?

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I use paper and disposable pot scrubbers or sponges. I vowed when was young that I would never use dish cloths or towels.

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catlvr1355027263.2435855 PostsRegistered 5/5/2005

Maximum use of tea towels at my house. Minimum use of paper towels. Also zero plastic cups or paper plates.


rustynail11355027366.2631664 PostsRegistered 12/14/2010East Central Illinois

Dishcloth/towel guy here.

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minkbunny1355027413.77728281 PostsRegistered 7/15/2007

All of the above. Smile

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mgm21355027461.7917850 PostsRegistered 9/15/2012Livin' My Life Like It's Golden


I use paper towel which is bio-degradable...thanks to the smart Scientists from Cornell University.

I only use paper and plastic eating utensils in the summer months when eating out of doors.

Even my garbage bags are bio-degradable.

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ShowMe1355027480.82347275 PostsRegistered 9/6/2010Missouri

Well, I guess I am from the old school. I do dry my dishes with a microfiber towel, have about 6 of them, and do use a dishcloth. Don't have a dishwasher, and don't like to see dishes in the drainer all the time. I don't like sponges because they get smelly after a while....even when rinsed out thoroughly, and I use those soft plastic scrubbies when necessary. I do soak baking dishes and pans with dishwasher detergent in the sink. And that really does a good jub. I have paper towels, but mostly use the plain white ones for when I need one in the micro.

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JaneMarple1355027509.06316816 PostsRegistered 5/23/2011Seek respect, not attention. It lasts longer.

I agree with Minky, all of the above.

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kittywhipp­ed1355027922.7179031 PostsRegistered 4/20/2012

I should buy stock in Dixie. They sell at Sam's Club 240 paperplates priced around $10. I use them for the cats and when they're done I throw them away....hate stinky cat food hanging around but their dry food is there 24/7. I also buy the t-shirt plastic bags to place dirty paperplate into before discarding in the outdoor trash can. They are sold at Sam's Club too 1000 for about $10. They sometimes have biodegradable ones. I buy biodegradable paper towels and tall kitchen trash bags.

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minkbunny1355027957.31328281 PostsRegistered 7/15/2007

You know what I have found is even handier than paper towels, paper napkins. I buy the big 600 count package at WalMart, grab one when I need to wipe up a drop or two of coffee off the counter or dry out the sink (another great thread, can you tolerate drops in your stainless sink or on your faucet) {#emotions_dlg.biggrin} - a thousand uses for those little squares of paper. Handier than the paper towels, cheaper and I just love 'em. What can I say?

I happen to have a little wooden container than holds about a hundred of them in a nice, neat stack so they are always handy. Also use Viva papertowels for bigger needs. They are great!

Use regular dish towels for lots of things, have several in the laundry each week and use those little waffled blue cloths that are washable but then disposable after a few uses.

My heroes have always been cowboys, and they still are it seems.

“Once in a while right in the middle of an ordinary life,
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hckynut1355028634.3621278 PostsRegistered 5/20/2006Nebraska

Use all of the above.


PamelaSuei­n721355031918.19575 PostsRegistered 10/23/2012

I use paper towels to clean up after the cats; that's it.

While cooking, I throw a bar towel over my shoulder. It goes into the laundry with the dish cloth and dish towels. We use paper napkins for everyday use for just DH and me. When people come here for dinner, we use linen napkins and they go into the laundry with everything else. We have a dishwasher (I do not wash dishes, if I can help it. I despise washing dishes by hand.).

No paper plates or disposable cups/glasses, unless it's a large family picnic.

When cleaning, I use old dish cloths and wash cloths....I will not use paper towels for cleaning.

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mistriTsqu­irrel1355036457.23310733 PostsRegistered 7/17/2010Purgatory, USA

Depends on what I'm cleaning...if I'm wiping up the counter, a dishcloth.

If I'm cleaning animal waste off of the floor, paper towels.

If I'm drying my hands, a hand towel.

If my dad is at my house and he's drying his hands, I cringe if he wipes them on anything other than paper towels. You'd think the man would know how to wash his hands after 65 years on this planet...but no. In fact, he leaves footprints, streaks or a trail of dust everywhere he goes. I need never wonder if he's been in my house while I'm at work, because he always leaves tracks behind. {#emotions_dlg.glare}

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msmoxie1355047013.112059 PostsRegistered 9/4/2012

What a fascinating thread. I have nothing to offer.

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AuntG1355047654.8777399 PostsRegistered 1/31/2009Wisconsin

We wash and dry our dishes so naturally use both. For clean ups, I use paper towels and coffee filters for cleaning mirrors and glass because they don't leave lint.

AngelPuppy11355056271.2879294 PostsRegistered 5/26/2008

I admit that we use paper towels. I know we should use regular towels, but I just don't want the hassel and I like that you just use fresh paper ones and then dispose. We use a lot of napkins, too. Cheap ones just for every day. They are cheaper for little spills, etc. than using paper towels.

AuntG: I had heard that coffee filters were good for cleaning mirrors. How does this work? Do you just use them dry... or do you use regular window cleaning solution with?

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Brinklii1355059220.2810297 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004Northern WI
On 12/8/2012 mgm2 said:

I use paper and disposable pot scrubbers or sponges. I vowed when was young that I would never use dish cloths or towels.

What do you use in place of dish cloths or towels?? I try to minimize use of paper products. We have nice tea towels out but have a bunch of bar mops to clean up messes instead of using paper towels. The only thing I use paper towels for is cat messes.

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TN halfback1355059814.942703 PostsRegistered 1/20/2008

I use flour sack cloths...love love love them! I have pretty dish cloths just to hang over the stove handle for decorative purposes but that's it. I really try to limit my use of paper products.

Golden_Old­ie1355061068.78177 PostsRegistered 12/23/2009NY

We use dish towels, sponge/scrubber pads and paper towels for anything on the floor.

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fromagio1355061840.813351 PostsRegistered 5/21/2012

I get those paper towels that tear off a half square. I fold one each day under the cats water dish to absorb drips. I change it each morning, but use it to wash out the cat dishes and tray then discard. I tried using a rag for that, but the cat used it to flip the bowl. He can't flip it with a paper towel. I also use them for cat vomit and other messes that would ruin a towel. All my dishtowels are linen ones that I got at the thrift store. I like them because they leave no lint. Most of them are printed with a calender, but I do have a few cute ones. I buy my dishcloths from Kohls, they are cotton with a netting sewn on the back.

kdgn1355062573.19314389 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Paper towels, hand towels, 3 M sponges-the ones with the sponge on one side, blue scrubber on the other. I keep a microfiber towel under the sink to dry off the counters after using the sink. No streaks and wash well.

I buy the sponges in bulk at Costco and cut each one in half. It's easier for me to use on the pots and pans when they're smaller.

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missy11355063252.2934003 PostsRegistered 3/4/2007

Paper towels mainly. if I run out, I will use a dish towel.

ROMARY 11355066351.37320094 PostsRegistered 4/28/2010

Brace yourselves...............I saw my rolls of paper towels in half with a new/clean small saw (hacksaw) only used for sawing the paper towels.......{#emotions_dlg.rolleyes} I used to go through too many rolls just to wipe up small spills, etc. Anyway, I use 3/4 less paper towels now. Have been doing this for years.

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Juju Squee­zy1355066666.651993 PostsRegistered 9/4/2012

Both and lots of them.

happy hous­ewife1355066956.6234389 PostsRegistered 1/4/2007

I would rather use something I can wash and reuse than throw my money in the trash using disposables.

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ROMARY 11355067031.50720094 PostsRegistered 4/28/2010

I don't like to have wet/soiled towels sitting there, waiting to be thrown into the washer. That's why I use the sawed paper towels. Saves energy, as I would be using the washer more often, washing the soiled and wet towels. I use the old-fashioned large thin cotton plain white/off white dish towels to dry dishes, glasses, etc. I hang them on a clothes dryer rack just outside my kitchen at the top of the steps area going to the basement. They dry so very fast. You can buy those plain cotton dish towels at various dollar stores.

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kristan1355067257.083748 PostsRegistered 8/23/2008so cali

For small spills paper towels, for drying dishes I hand wash flour sack dishtowels.

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