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Weird product review

Started 1354087620.353 in Viewpoints | Last reply 1361722681.243 by ChalmersPhilpott

Someone left a negative review for a product priced at $29.98.

S/he said it was terrible, but the cost to send it back was "almost" as much as the item, so s/he was just going to keep it! Huh?

It was a very light weight item and I'm SURE it could have been returned via Priority Mail for a tad over $5.

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mistriTsqu­irrel1354089668.40710733 PostsRegistered 7/17/2010Purgatory, USA

What was the product?

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madzonie1354090664.7435507 PostsRegistered 8/8/2007

A scarf.

msmoxie1354098146.732059 PostsRegistered 9/4/2012
On 11/28/2012 neeliec said:

A scarf.

A scarf? Maybe it was for her elephant?{#emotions_dlg.wub}

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speedyindi­sguise1354099456.583826 PostsRegistered 2/25/2009
On 11/28/2012 msmoxie said:
On 11/28/2012 neeliec said:

A scarf.

A scarf? Maybe it was for her elephant?{#emotions_dlg.wub}


Still the same SpeedyG

Peaches Mc­Phee1354119352.4831950 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Agree that some "reviews" are just plain awful. I chalk it up to poor writing skills {#emotions_dlg.biggrin} (that is, they don't know how to express themselves in writing, so they just write anything.)


madzonie1354122590.185507 PostsRegistered 8/8/2007

Well, the reviewer's writing skills are okay. I just think she was ambivalent about the purchase and had to vent or complain about the product. Here is what she wrote:

I bought the rose thinking I would wear it with my bronzo but the scarf is so loud that jewelry along with it would be overpowering. The scarf is brighter in my bedroom than it was on TV which is a shocker. The return postage costs almost as much as the scarf and it makes me angry that I got sucked in. I would "gift it" but I don't know anyone who would wear it. I guess I could save it for formal night on a cruise, that is the only place I can think of to wear it and I tried it on all kinds of ways, the European knot is the quietest and probably would look okay tucked inside a coat. This is a big disappointment."

I bought 3 of the scarves, and could return all of them together for $5 and change....LOL...not sure where she gets the idea that returning a light airy item would cost anywhere near $30.

4paws1354122763.33722686 PostsRegistered 7/29/2006

I don't pay attention to the fashion reviews here because everyone's taste is so different. On a product, especially electronics I go to Amazon or Cnet for reviews.

madzonie1354132886.3735507 PostsRegistered 8/8/2007

I guess I have start somewhere when I'm deciding to by a "fashion" accessory on QVC. I would not know where else to look to get an idea of the product's quality or workmanship.

The style factor is not important to me. I'm not into style. I'm 65, retired and live a very quiet life. My usual clothes are cotton pants and blouses. But once in awhile I like to add a little bling or pop to my "going out" wardrobe....thus a sparkly scarf.

I feel the reviews help me get an idea as to whether to product is worth the money and to determine if it is good quality....that's all.

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