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Kindle Hd Fire help

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I was reading about the kindle fire hd. Not sure I understand. Does it have a camera that takes pictures or is it a video camera? Anyone that has one can you tell me what it does and if you like it. Want to get my daughter one for christmas and I dont know anything about these things. Might want to get one for myself.Does anyone know if amazon are going to have them on sale for black friday?

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4paws1351468798.28722698 PostsRegistered 7/29/2006

The camera is for video chatting, not taking pictures. I pre-ordered & I love it. I had a lot of Amazon content on my Kindle3 reader and when my Fire arrived it was all there. I kept my reader as it is lighter and easier to read for long periods, but I take my Fire everywhere in my purse. Make sure you get the PowerFast charger too when you order.

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