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Chevy commercials

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I have to say I love the one where he is looking at a Silverado and tells the salesman that he loves to hunt. The salesman asks for what and he says "deer". Looks at the salesman (who looks like santa) and says... hmmm... fish. Love that guy!! Okay maybe I'm weird but I don't care... he is a cutie.

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raven-blac­kbird1322966782.24317050 PostsRegistered 1/2/2009California

I just saw that one this morning................it's way cute..........................raven

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nc1111323038802.337131 PostsRegistered 10/24/2009

I think they are very creative. I like the one where he (Santa?) eats the cookies in the lunchroom and when he tells a potential buyer to sit and talk about what he wanted in a car, and sits on Santa's lap.

Gidge1323042297.9432874 PostsRegistered 10/21/2007right here, right now....

I LOVE that commercial, too! "I hunt deer..........fish!!!" He has the perfect reaction! One of my fave commercials!

MamaWick1323048967.065481 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004I will always be from St. Louis, but I now live in WI

"Nick" is so perfect.

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AuntG1323133782.1637399 PostsRegistered 1/31/2009Wisconsin

Well done and funny too.

kitkom1323169962.8935646 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I only saw this commercial once and laughed out loud! I told my dh about it but we haven't seen it again!

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Hildegarde­ Withers1323173770.311690 PostsRegistered 11/9/2011

I haven't seen it yet. Sounds funny.

Miss Lorra­ine1323190026.876805 PostsRegistered 3/23/2007

Who is the actor who plays Nick? His voice sounds familiar but I can't get a good fix on who he is.

Junebug541323199918.0131640 PostsRegistered 1/28/2007

I usually see the commercials on the weather channel but you can google them. The deer hunter one runs longer on utube. MsLorraine I don't know plays santa. Maybe a no name right now.

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