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Selling out of "stuff"

Posted by jo1br2el3 1367722315.31

I know yall love to SELL OUT of everything, but It is so disconcerting to try to get something only to find it's sold out or on a LONG waitlist... I have R.A. and it's hard to dial in sometimes or even get to the computer and my size and colors are always gone..It may be exciting for you to keep saying over and over...already thousands ordered, but I can't get it! It makes me want to just give up and order from Belks or someone in town. You should make more 2 and 3 X; I know you have as many large size ladies as you do regular size...so pleas make more of our size...we may be large size, but one of the things we love about you is that you make the fashionable things in large sizes...so may companys try to make us look even bigger...Susan and Isaac's clothes are wonderful, but a little too expensive and too many "not enoughs sizes. Remember some of us are on fixed incomes so we need to lok\ok pretty too. Thanks so much for listening!!!! Dr. Pat Taylor