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Dr. Perricone Products for African Americans

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Dr. Perricone's products seem to receive very high ratings from its QVC users, however, as an African American, I am skeptical about many beauty care products as many of them do not address the issues of darker skin (those with high levels of melanin).

Are there any darker skin QVC users who have used Dr. Perricone products sucessfully. I am looking to bring back some radiance (as I am 50+ years old) and also address the issue of hyperpigmentation.

Thanks to all who respond informatively!

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CANDLEQUEEN1357395672.9039813 PostsRegistered 12/23/2004Wisconsin
Sorry I am not Dark skinned but rather a light skinned African American,and I used Perricone exclusively for about 2yrs and while I really liked most of the products-it was just too expensive.I have found just as good of products withSkinnand Isomers and both of those lines address all problems but at a much more reasonable cost.Hope this helps a bit.Hopefully you will hear from other ladies as well.

56 yrs old,combo skin/w oily tzone
med golden tan complexion-no wrinkles yet ,but dark under eye circles,med brown hair with caramel highlights and brown eyes!dry fine hair but better with WEN!

FavoredOne1357415754.0731 PostsRegistered 2/5/2012
Hi. I am a medium brown toned African American woman who is turning 40 this year. I have combination skin. I love Dr. Perricone's products and have been using various ones for about 5 years. My main areas of concern were pore size, even tone, and fine lines. My must haves are the cleansing treatment bars, which last forever (I have given them away as gifts) and the High Potency Evening Repair. I also like the nutritive cleanser. I did see results with the original neuropeptide cream (the one that had the extremely strong fish smell), but not so much with the new formula. I did not see much results with Cold Plasma. As with anything, not everything works for everyone. However, i do get complimented often on my skin. I also try to maintain a healty diet and exercise (which I believe plays a part in the aging of the body/skin). Also if you live near a Nordstrom, the Perricone rep will be able to assist you with which products may suit you best (no, I do not and have not ever worked at Norstrom. The ones in Chicagoland have just always been extra helpful with my questions and the occasional free mini facial with Perricone products). I did purchase the new vitamin c-ester tsv to see if it will be a new must have. Best of luck and beautiful skin with whatever you decide. Last edited on 1/5/2013 Last edited on 1/5/2013

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Latonya1357417814.9734179 PostsRegistered 12/3/2006

I submitted a question to "Ask us Live" to be answered on the air and they haven't answered. I figured now would be a good time for ask since the Dr. Perricone show is on.

I referenced that in the TSV presentations that I've seen, Dana claims the use of these products will provide us with "porcelain" skin. I asked if darker skin tones would benefit from using these products.

I also submitted that question to the Dr. Perricone blog(?) in Beauty Banter. I'm sure he will answer. Kiss

matthew1357427378.453367 PostsRegistered 5/7/2007richmond ca

I am a dark skinned black woman in her 60's. I have combination skin with few wrinkles but with inevitable signs of aging. I used Dr. Perricone's Evening Facial Emollient before it was discontinued and loved it.

My experience with skin care has been through trial and error rather than focus on a particular brand. I now use PTR Anti-aging gel cleanser (only about three-four times per week, but it keeps my pores cleansed and helps with breakouts) and Retinol Fusion PM, a Bioelements night cream(Sleepwear), a cleansing milk in the morning and Bare Minerals eye cream. Ii also switch between MUAC's Mandelic Peel, PTR's Clinical Peel and sometimes Exfolikate) This combination works well for me because it keeps my skin even and healthy looking. I will say I have tried many products over the years and finally was able to put together a regiment that keeps my skin looking good. If one of your main concerns is hyperpigmentation, retinol could help or there are a number of dark spot correctors on the market.

Latonya1357434446.9034179 PostsRegistered 12/3/2006

Someone with a deeper skin tone responded on the Dr. Perricone blog that she uses Dr. Perricone's products and they work for her. She is also thinking about purchasing the TSV.

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