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Ipad 3rd generation

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I am feeling very excited. Just ordered my first tablet, the Ipad3 online from the Apple Store. I just went on the qvc site and saw they are now selling the Ipad3 with a couple of accessories (they are not expensive accessories either) for $899.96 !!!!!!!!!! I just paid at the Apple site, $499 for the same thing.!!!!!!! It amazes me!!!

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Gidgetgoes­hawaiian1334341711.0111015 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004
You're going to love your new iPad. Enjoy!!

BMWDEEDEE1334357392.627857 PostsRegistered 1/14/2008

Thank you so much, Gidget.

Yuko1334357946.7771808 PostsRegistered 8/30/2005
BMW, could you please post back to let us know how you like the new ipad? I am very interested. Enjoy!

BogeyGirl1334358302.337956 PostsRegistered 4/29/2008Texas

I am excited for you BMWDEEDEE!! Enjoy! I just got mine last friday after trying to tell myself that I really did not need it, but just had to do it and so glad I did..I love it. Let us know what you think when it comes..

My friend and I took a basic iPad class which we really didn't need as we new most all of it but had a great time. We will take more advanced classes just for the fun of it. You really don't need them as Apple makes everything so easy with the ipad but the classes are fun and informative.

I love the Apple app on my iPhone.. If you want to buy something at the Apple Store you just use the app to scan the item and you can buy it right from your phone..I asked the Apple sales guy ..how do you know if someone really purchased something on their iPhone as they are walking out of the store with it or just took it..He did not give me a good answer..LOL!!

Have a great weekend!Smile

If I can't be kind..I won't say it at all!

BMWDEEDEE1334359478.56857 PostsRegistered 1/14/2008

Just posting to let u know that I will definitely post and let you know how I like this tablet. Everyone seems to absolutely LOVE the ipad. I got my first Apple product (iphone 4S) about five months ago and I fell in love. So user friendly. I am definitely going to go to take a class or two @ the Apple Store for the ipad3. Thank you all for all your nice comments.

harv1334360098.23383 PostsRegistered 11/20/2010

I still have Ipad 2{#emotions_dlg.mad} Think i will wait until ipad 4 comes out, then get it when its cheaper. I have seen the new one at Apple store and its really a big improvment, but not so that i want to spend another $629 as i have the 3g so i can use it on the go. I love mine and take it everywhere, one day i forgot it and drove back home to get her lol.

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BogeyGirl1334361506.85956 PostsRegistered 4/29/2008Texas

harv..I agree with you..If I would have had the iPad 2 I would not have upgraded either..The iPad 2 is a phenomenal device..I have had an iphone for years but could never justify getting the iPad until last Friday..LOL!! So glad I did. The one thing I did not understand until recently is that you can go month to month on the 3g or 4g plan..That was the kicker for me and I just had to have it..Most times I will just be happy with Wifi but know that when I go on vacation I can get the coverage I need...I understand why you would drive back home to get it..Ha!! I would have done the same..!!Smile

If I can't be kind..I won't say it at all!

Cha1k1334364035.0431203 PostsRegistered 2/28/2009
I sold my iPad 1 to Amazon when I upgraded to the new iPad. They gave me $221 (on my account) for the 2 year old iPad. That suited me just fine since I buy tons of stuff from Amazon anyway. I used that old iPad everyday for 2 years - multiple hours a day. I figure it costs me about a dime an hour for all the hours I used it. Hope it goes to a good home because I treated it with kid gloves and loved every minute I used it. :-)

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