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Zoya - Share the Love

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Hi Ladies - For those of us with Zoya accounts, we can generate links and if others use those links to start new accounts, they get a coupon for a free nail polish in their account. The person whose link is used also gets rewarded - we get 100 pts which is worth $5 off (I think - I haven't actually tried this yet). Anyway, I thought we could post the links here and if people want to use them, they could benefit from the free nail polish coupon they'll get. It's fine with me if others post their links here too by the way - I don't want to hog all the love sharing!

Here is my link:


Here is a link to a description of the program (with explanation of the special bonuses this month) if you want to read more:


But remember, use one of our links to start your account (mine or someone else's) so that you can get the free polish coupon and we can get points!