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Kitchen Aid Accessories for those of us who have purchased the small appliances.

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Dear Laura: How about a special just for your loyal customers whom have purchased the KA mixer (I have bought 9 from QVC) and other small appliaces? I would like to see the opportunity to purchase the glass mixing bowl, or extra bowls and scrape beaters at a SPECIAL price. I have the blender with the plastic jar and would like the glass jar. I have bought the pasta collection for my daughter and have purchased from QVC just about everything in every size of KA in numerous colors for my kids. We would like to have the opportunity to add to our equipment with the new accessories not available when we bought our machines. This goes for the mixers, the food processors, the blenders etc. AND There is nothing better than the two sided waffle maker! It is a 12 star plus!

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chickenbutt1330102908.26327092 PostsRegistered 1/16/2006chickentown

I'm not a KA fan, but I do know that you can find these things elsewhere AND for a better price than what you would get at QVC anyway. Amazon is a great source. :)

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anniebear1330110021.167708 PostsRegistered 3/1/2009

chickenbutt is right! I bought one of the scraper beaters for my KA mixer from Amazon and I had fast free shipping...plus the price was great (and probably less than if Q had offered it with their high shipping costs). You might want to check Amazon for the things you are looking for!

Daysdee1330110239.8520304 PostsRegistered 1/23/2007

Is the scraper beater really great?

nascar fan1330116889.6971040 PostsRegistered 1/25/2005

i bought the scrapper beater at b,b, & b for my bowl lift mixer!! no shipping AND a coupie!!!! it works great!!!! i want to get the newer dough hook!!! and i did buy an extra bowl right after i bought the mixer several years ago!! mine is in my and chickenbutt signature red!! in fact i own the mini chopper, the big food processor, 3 hand mixers, and emersion blender!! the reason i have 3 hand mixers is a tale!! i started with a white one!!! then they came out with a nine speed several yrs. ago in red so i bought that. then dd # 1 "helped" me by cleaning and rearranging my kitchen when hubby was in the hospital. looked hi & low for my red mixer, couldnt find the flippin thing anywhere!! so i ordered new 7 speed one. well about 3 months later found mine my 9 sp.!!! why the sam hill she put it in an upper cabinet that i rarely touch is beyond me!!! i actually mentally accused her of either taking it or throwing it away!!lol so now i have a backup for my backup!! nascar fan

forrestwolf1330181697.5276508 PostsRegistered 6/20/2010Deep in South Georgia

I have the KA professional mixer, and absolutely LOVE it..........{#emotions_dlg.laugh} I also have the hand mixer, and have found so many uses for the dough beaters on it, that I would have never thought of...........I use the dough hooks more than the regular beaters.............Cool

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