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Skinny tees????

Started 1392410081 in TSV Talk | Last reply 1392523467.487 by sunnybrook
A while back some of you posted that Shawn said two skinny tees would be a tsv in Feb. Then, many of you ordered them in advance. This was to be two tanks, rather than one Cami and one tank. After reading the excellent reviews on these, I decided to give them a try as a tsv. Well, there's no tsv listed in Feb. for these tees? Does anyone have any updates on this? TIA.

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the busy b­runette1392410152.2231282 PostsRegistered 11/10/2007

Here's what I found from another forum topic:


GCR181392425878.0777450 PostsRegistered 7/3/2013

I thought someone said Feb 28.

sunnybrook1392459809.7772331 PostsRegistered 8/25/2005

Thanks, Ophelia. I just ordered a black/white combo which is on waitlist. It's on two easy pays, also. Item no. is as you posted....a255276. Graycats... On Feb. 28 Inspired Style has a two-hour program at midnight so it's possible that the skinny tees are the TSV for that day. Thanks to both of you!!

valleygirl­221392490833.983123 PostsRegistered 10/6/2010

The SkinnyTee TSV is February 28th. Two tanks for 29.94. The colors will be: aqua/mint; black/white; blush/nude; navy/red; and rose/melon. If you ordered the current black/white you will get a cami and a tank. I like the tanks better so I'm going to wait to order my black/white; besides the TSV is a much better price!

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sunnybrook1392523467.4832331 PostsRegistered 8/25/2005
I ordered the one that is labeled as the TSV.

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