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Mercury Glass Spheres

Started 1374434509.97 in TSV Talk | Last reply 1374450399.607 by TeachRsPet

Why does every host keep saying that these spheres are new since April and Red is a new color? I ordered the Red and Gold spheres in November 2012, when they were part of a Lisa Robertson Decorating show. CONFUSED??

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TRAVELER1374434995.57312071 PostsRegistered 12/14/2004Alaska

I don't remember all the April colors. But I be happier with a set of 4 small or 2 small &1 med. and eliminate the large size.

IdoraLiz1374435017.657 PostsRegistered 7/21/2011

From what I heard David say this afternoon...there are new colors.

I ordered them for outdoors because they are weather proof and battery operated, with a timer! What a great idea! Locally I found one (1) shere like the large one, not battery operated nor on a timer, for fifty dollars! AND no hanging wires.

I ordered the green...so I could put them in my planters all year round!

TeachRsPet1374450399.6072915 PostsRegistered 11/29/2009

I'm confused too as I just ordered these a few weeks ago from the AS IS section in green. I just looked and it says indoor/outdoor even though Valerie said they were only indoor before. Mine also has a timer. The only difference I can see is mine use AA batteries and these use C.

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