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HALO Photo And Document Scanner Mouse

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Hi All,

Has anyone purchased the TSV? It looks very cool if it works as easily as they are showing in the presentation. Does anyone have an experience with other HALO products?



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webappq11368115518.1731587 PostsRegistered 11/12/2012

Oops, I dont have


aggie20161368157813.6371 PostsRegistered 5/9/2013

This mouse is a REALLY neat idea, but it doesn't seem to possess the qualities that merit spending such a high price tag. The DPI is only 300 and can be a concern when using it for anything other than scanning. A mouse at this level will require a max sensitivity setting to avoid moving it all the way across the mouse pad to get it from one point to another. I am quite impressed how well it distinguishes between each pass over an image. Low-end scanning devices (such as portable scanning bars) sometimes ruin the image with a "crimping" effect. Overall, it is a REALLY neat idea and I will definately invest once they increase the DPI to something around 2000 - 3000.

Flevy1368739615.971 PostsRegistered 5/16/2013

My scanner mouse arrived a couple of days ago and I love it. It's super easy to use and very convenient. Within five minutes after downloading the software I was doing everything shown in the informercial. I scanned pictures, receipts, documents -- it really does allow you to edit and keep the same format. I'm going to get a lot of use out of this.

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