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I wasn't sure where to post this but this was the TSV on 12-21. I am more than a little annoyed that it was not shipped until 12-28! I ordered early in the day & I don't understand why it took so long. Usually QVC is better with their shipping - I just don't understand this one!

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harv1357081766.663383 PostsRegistered 11/20/2010

You ordered during Christmas rush and your order wasnt the only one that was being sent out....I have a friend that works at QVC and he said they were working around the clock to get all the orders out :) If you want something for xmas, dont wait until Dec 21st to order, no matter what they hosts on tv say, you probably wont get it.

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imaclothes­hog1357087421.65323639 PostsRegistered 2/12/2006

I didn't expect mine for Christmas, but I did order one and it did not ship until Dec. 22. I still haven't received it. I checked my order status yesterday, and it shipped from Michigan. It will take longer to get to me if it was shipped from Michigan! Good heavens. When I checked yesterday, mine was still in a routing facility a good distance from me.

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Tootie151357164188.623098 PostsRegistered 12/17/2012

I ordered ours when it was the TSV on December 21, 2012 and am still waiting for it. I think because of the Christmas and New Years holidays, it is going to take a little longer to get to us. Checked on the UPS website and it is supposed to be delivered today. It wasn't a Christmas gift, so it's not a big deal. Will just have to wait ....

Ptaz1357224162.877230 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Mine arrived yesterday. I know they were busy, but I expect things shipped within a day or so of order. I haven't tried it yet, so hope I don't have to send it back.

Tootie151357225358.3633098 PostsRegistered 12/17/2012

Our charger arrived later last night, which is very unusual for UPS in our area. Had a bunch of batteries that had "died" and charged them overnight. Not sure how long it actually took them to charge though. I put them in my lighted wall mural this morning and they worked!! Now I am anxious to see how long they last with this new charge.

kitty4me1357250986.6633302 PostsRegistered 8/30/2008Texas

Has anyone used this product yet? Does it work?

vickie001357252353.3731397 PostsRegistered 8/11/2012

Kathey1261 - I did not order this but I saw a lot of negative reviews as apparently the documentation states the charger is recommended not to be used with the Duracell coppertop batteries due to possible leakage and many people ordered the unit specifically for their Duracell batteries. Othan than that issue, it seems 50/50 about it's effectiveness. I hope you have good luck with yours. I was tempted to purchase it myself.

maggie041357312215.883185 PostsRegistered 3/28/2005

I purchased 3 one for myself and 2 for Christmas gifts next year they all work I used mine the other day on some batteries so far so good I am very happy with my purchase

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