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Posted by CATHY MDTN 1265554024
I need to buy a new mattress-tsv looks good but I cannot find out anything about this company. Does anyone have this mattress?

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pvtdevinmom12655619041464 PostsRegistered 6/23/2007buckeye
The lady mentioned thats made in Auburn Indiana? I bought a twin size cloud supreme Tempupedic. It did set me back around 1500.00 but carrys a 20 yr warranty. I called tempurpedic with a couple questions and their customer service was great. Plus I have a 90 day trial period since I bought it from brookstone. I don't plan on returning it, but I do hav an issue with shipping a mattress. Mine was delivered with no problems and it came in a box not rolled up (like their showing on QVC). Its a very good deal but I would rather not hve it rolled up.

adoreqvc12655733546278 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004
go to the item and click on warranty and the information for the manufacturer is there.
they also did not list the product density for this particular newer item and even though the mention density under the faq it really does not address the exact density number of this product. the density number is needed because the higher the number the longer the memory foam will last.
also not mentioned is if the warranty would cover sink holes in the memory foam from body impressions. these are a problem and should have been mentioned.
here is info. about density foam:
Density is one of the most important things to consider when purchasing memory foam. In many ways, density is what makes memory foam unique. NASA memory foam mattresses are complete systems, and so the buying tips on this page apply more to our discount memory foam overlays than memory foam mattresses.
The density of the visco elastic foam is usually talked about in terms of pounds per cubic foot, or more often, simply pounds. "Visco Elastic" is the technical term for "Memory Foam". As a general rule, denser visco elastic foam is always better. Memory foam mattress overlays made with high density foams...
Mold better to the body...
Have a slower rebound (a longer "memory")
Are more durable...
Are more responsive to body temperature...
Provide more support...
i also read a density of at least 3 for mattress memory foam toppers should be good, but a bit higher would be better, especially for mattresses of at least 4. density foam # also relates if you do not want to have the sink in and can't turn over or get out easily feeling.
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adoreqvc12656379886278 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004
here is the link for mattress brands and manufacturers:

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